Jay Cutler and Jason Talk Most-Used Emojis and Sip on Two Beers From Ohio Under Our New Gratis Tent

by Chris Haney
(via Outsider)

Jay Cutler is having a rough week and is feeling kind of moody, but hopefully Jason’s amusing stories and a couple of beers can turn that around for the former NFL quarterback. Jay shares that he quit smoking cigars this past week, but that didn’t last long since he’s smoking one on the show today. Jason shares a hilarious story about emojis. And we’re trying out two new beers that the guys have never tasted, so let’s get into it.

The guys are back in town this week and filming under Outsider’s new Gratis American Ale tent we’ll be using for Oktoberfest next month. Nashville‘s annual Oktoberfest event is coming up the first week of October. Outsider will be there debuting Gratis American Ale, which is releasing just in time for the event. In fact, Jay Cutler will be in attendance hanging out and enjoying some of Outsider’s new beer. So make sure to stop by the Gratis tent if you’re in Nashville attending Oktoberfest.

Before they got into the beers, Jason needed some advice from Jay about using emojis on Instagram and when texting. Jay rarely sends emojis, but Jason has a few favorites he uses here and there. At the top of his list are the thumbs up, clap, and American flag emojis. However, the other day he meant to send a thumbs up and hilariously sent an emoji of a lobster instead.

Jay burst into laughter and had to know why lobsters were even in Jason’s top emojis. Long story short, he went to Boston recently and was firing off lobsters left and right during his travels. So the lobster made its way up to his frequently used list of emojis right beside the thumbs up. At least it was an inoffensive mistake. Next up on their agenda… beer.

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Jay Cutler and Jason Try Two Craft Beers From Breweries in Ohio

Following the amusing and lengthy introduction to our beer show this week, the guys got down to business. Jason brought in two craft beers from Ohio for them to try out this week. First up, the guys are testing out Fat Head Brewery’s Bumble Berry Honey Blueberry Ale.

Right off the bat, they both love the cans and their artwork. We’re big on the packaging around here if you haven’t noticed. But how does the honey blueberry ale taste?

“Wow, that is literally a blueberry in your mouth,” Jay Cutler said after taking a sip.

“It’s subtle though,” Jason shared.

“What do you mean it’s subtle?” Jay said with a laugh. “How is that anything but not subtle?”

“I kinda like it,” Jason said.

“Why do you like it?” Jay said not exactly giving it his stamp of approval. “I think you’re just liking it because I don’t like it.”

Fruity beers and IPAs, just not Jay Cutler’s thing. Next up, we’re staying in the state of Ohio and heading to Cleveland. For the second beer of the day, we’re trying out Market Garden Brewery’s Pin High Pilsner. Once again, the guys love the cans and the artwork. Two for two on looks today. But again, how about the beer itself?

“I’m in,” Jay said after enjoying a drink of the pilsner.

“I’m gettin’ evergreen,” Jason said after tasting it. “No?”

“You can’t be serious right now,” Jay said laughing at Jason’s taste buds.

“It’s good,” Jason concluded.

More Sneakers From Nike On Tap This Week

As always, we’re ending the show with the guys showing off their sneakers. Both Jay Cutler and Jason have on Nikes, but they couldn’t be more different. This week, Jay’s sticking with a classic while Jason has a more modern sneaker on.

Once again, Jay is wearing one of his seemingly endless pairs of the Nike Air Max 1s. He’s wearing the Nike Air Max 1 x Pendleton collaboration with a Southwestern print. Jason’s a fan of his friends’ kicks, but Jay isn’t returning the sentiment this week.

Jason is wearing the Nike Joyride CC3 Setter, which has tiny bead-pods in the sole for cushioning. They look super comfortable, but Jay’s not having it. That’ll do it for this episode, but make sure to tune in next week for more brews and shoes. Cheers, guys!