Jay Cutler Prepares for Deer Season, Sets Up Summit Treestand on His Kentucky Farm: WATCH

by Chris Haney

Earlier this week, former NFL quarterback turned Outsider co-founder, Jay Cutler, headed back out to his farm in Kentucky to prepare for hunting season. Before he starts hunting in a few days though, we tagged along with Jay as he sets up his Summit Treestand.

Previously, we went out with Jay as he set up Moultrie cameras to track deer all over his property. The cameras recently picked up a buck roaming around his farm and he thinks he recognizes it. Now, Jay is attempting to track down the same buck that eluded him last hunting season. We’re hoping for some better luck this year, and his Summit Treestand might just do the trick.

“We kinda had [the cameras] all over the property. And we found our buck,” Jay shared before heading out to set up his Summit Treestand. “Hunted him hard last year, didn’t get a shot at him. This year, we’re kinda in a little bit of a different spot. But super excited about this guy.”

Jay Cutler Shows How Quick and Easy It Is to Set Up Your Summit Treestand

Summit was “insanely generous” as Jay Cutler said, and provided us with some of their amazing products ahead of deer season. Jay goes over everything he’s packed up in the back of his UTV before he heads out to set things up on his farm.

Summit has given us one of their Viper climbing treestands, a Dual Axis hang-on treestand, and some aluminum climbing sticks. Plus, as Jay says, you’ve always got to put safety first. So, he’s got a Summit harness and safety line as well.

“I always, and you always, should [use] a harness and safety line,” Jay said. “You can never be too safe, we’re not sure what’s gonna happen.”

Jay Cutler then explains his plan of attack and breaks down the gear he’s using on his property this hunting season. Typically, Jay is usually setting up around 30 yards away from the deer on his property. However, he wants to be a bit further back at around 40 to 45 yards for this buck. Just because “he’s an old, smart deer” Jay said and he doesn’t want to be on top of him.

“I’m pretty positive we’re gonna stick with the lock-on for this one,” Jay shared. “I don’t really wanna be climbing a tree day of. I know these things are super safe, I’ve used them before… These things are incredible. We’re gonna sneak down here, try not to make a lot of noise, cause his bedroom’s right around the corner. So we’re gonna get these up and hopefully we can get this deer September 3rd.”

After a short and easy set up, the Summit Treestand is locked into position on Jay’s chosen tree. He climbs up, attaches his harness, and tests it out. Everything is in order and ready for this weekend’s hunt.

“I think we’re in a good spot. I like it. These things are light, easy. Harness is on, so good to go… we’ll see what happens,” Jay said as he signed off.

Are you prepared for hunting season? It’s coming up fast, so make sure you check out Summit’s extensive line of treestands and accessories. Go to summitstands.com to check out all of the company’s amazing hunting gear that Jay Cutler used in the video above along with much more.