Jay Cutler Talks Football, Drives His Ferrari and Teases Upcoming Projects on Out of Office with Lindsey Nance

by Lindsey Nance

Welcome to my new series, Out of Office.

We know the typical jobs those in the spotlight do, be it on the field, on the TV, or in your headphones.

This show aims to take you on a tour of the day-to-day of these blue check mark names to get a better glimpse at what happens out of the office…

Of course, we had to kick things off with our very own co-founder, Jay Cutler.

Buckle up. This one moves FAST:

Jay shows us what life looks like after hanging up the cleats.

He dives into his (quick) recruitment to Vanderbilt, stiff competition in the SEC and his time in the NFL.

He takes the fast lane to the Outsider offices in his Ferrari (yes I was scared), sits in on meetings, and records an episode of his podcast.