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Jess Lockwood and Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Legacy on the Marty Smith Podcast

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

This week on the Marty Smith Podcast, Outsider’s own spent some talking with Jess Lockwood. Lockwood, if you were not already familiar, is a two-time PBR world champion. He has done well in the sport of bull riding and Marty asks him all about his career, his life, and much more on the new episode of the program.

Marty goes in-depth with Jess from the beginning. He asks him about growing up on 12,000 acres in Big Sky country that is Montana.”You know, we wake up, 6:00 in the morning and get to it. Especially the winter time right now.” It’s a family affair with Jess, his father, and his father’s father, which certainly helps things with that much property to take care of.

Lockwood learned the lay of the land at a young age. He told Marty even as a one-year-old his dad would wrap him up in some blankets and take him around the property and get everything done that needed to get done that day.

Lockwood would say later on in the interview, “I think God puts certain people on Earth to do certain things. I fully believe I was put on this Earth to do nothing but be great at riding bulls.”

Still, it’s a dangerous profession to be sure, even if you’re a superstar at it like Lockwood. He said of riding bulls, “You’re gonna get hurt. It’s inevitable.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr & Marty on SportsCenter

Earlier in the podcast, Marty spoke with co-host Wes Blankenship about a variety of topics that included a past interview with Marty’s good friend NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Marty talked about the time he had to interview Earnhardt Jr. after his last NASCAR race. He told Wes, “I had to run over there right after the race and interview him for SportsCenter and I made a personal decision. I just said, ‘You know what, I’m gonna make this mine, too.'”

The moment was huge for both Marty and Dale. Marty talked about how he had to only say a few words for the interview to be a home run. Even SportsCenter host Scott Van Pelt loved the segment Smith later revealed on the episode.

Wes & Marty Talk Waffle House

As the co-hosts kicked off the show, Marty could not help but notice Wes’s hat. It was a camo Waffle House trucker hat, in fact, and Marty loved it. The two agreed that camo should even be incorporated into the Waffle House branding altogether. Wes said, “I don’t know if Waffle House has fully embraced it yet, but I think the camo should be a part of their official colors.”

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