Mario Andretti on the Marty Smith Podcast

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

It’s been a wintery week for a lot of folks across the South thus far. So, it only seemed right that Marty, Travis and Wes kicked off this week’s episode of the program hitting on just that. Also on this week’s edition of the podcast, a very special guest joined Marty. It starts in the second half of the program. It was racing legend Mario Andretti, folks. The conversation between Mario and Marty is something we suspect you will love to hear.

Snow Days are great, but they are even better when you’re a kid. You’re out of school and you get to go play with your friends in the snow and have a blast for the day. Wes, though, talked about his experience at home with his daughter and wondered, because of her age, if she’d even remember any of it. This inspired a fun discussion as to what the guys remembered first.

First Memories As A Kid

Marty remembers his first fishing rod with fond memories back home in Virginia. He remembers when he was a kid that he would tell his folks, “I’m gonna go cast.” That just meant he’d pretend in the yard, catch some sticks, and whatnot. Travis added, “Wait, you’re not actually fishing?” That was one of Marty’s earliest memories, and Wes’s, too, with his grandfather and his reel. Travis was stunned to learn that Wes and Marty and so many folks did not grow up near any close bodies of water. Travis, however, grew up near a pond so he was surprised to learn that as much as Marty and Wes would have liked to, being able to go fishing nearby was not an option for them.

The conversation moved to reindeer later on, and Marty asked the group, “Did ya’ll during Christmas time ever rearrange people’s reindeer in people’s front yards?” Travis then maybe told a bit too much about some similar activities he took part in as a kid.

Mario Andretti on The Marty Smith Podcast

Then, Mario Andretti came on the pod. He and Marty talked about his family moving over to Pennsylvania, the area where he still resides today. Marty got into it all with the legendary drive. He asked him how he became so good at his craft and so versatile in the sport. “Number 1 is the desire. You want to be there,” Andretti said. He spoke of the importance of it being a personal journey to be great and be that good in the sport. He added, “I was driven by curiosity.” He wanted to win and wanted to know how to win.

“It’s the passion, it’s the will to get it done,” Andretti told Marty.

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