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Marty Smith Podcast Featuring Elvie Shane

by Clayton Edwards

Longtime fans of The Marty Smith Podcast, this week’s episode will feel a little nostalgic. Marty sits down with up-and-coming country singer Elvie Shane. During their nearly hour-long chat, they talk about Elvie’s debut album Backslider, his breakout hit “My Boy,” and the path he took to get where he is today.

Highlights from Elvie Shane’s Appearance on The Marty Smith Podcast

Marty Smith opened up this episode of the podcast with some high praises for Backslider. So, naturally, that’s where his conversation with Shane started. That conversation led to a deep dive into the album.

Elvie Shane said that he worked for a couple of years writing the songs for Backslider. He and a number of other writers penned a collection of personal songs. Then, when he picked songs for the album, something dawned on him. About that revelation, Elvie Shane said, “If you put this in the right order, it’s kind of like the chronological order of my life. It became kind of a biography piece.”

He said that, in his mind, Shane breaks the album into three sections. First, “The Dazed and Confused Years,” which are his wilder days. Then, there are songs from “The Mandy Years,” which take place after he met his wife. Finally, there’s “The Nashville Years” that subset of songs is about his time in Music City. If you want to know all about the album and hear what Marty Smith had to say about it you’ll have to check out the full podcast.  

Elvie Shane’s Connection to Chris Stapleton

At one point in the podcast, Elvie Shane told Marty Smith that he had stopped playing music altogether for a while. However, Chris Stapleton’s early work with the Steeldrivers and the Jompson Brothers lit his musical fire again. The Jompson Brothers track “Barely Alive” made him pick his guitar up and start playing again.

Later on, Christ Stapleton performed alongside Justin Timberlake at the CMA Awards. After years of fighting the idea of going to Nashville, that performance spoke to Shane. He knew it was time to pack up and head to Music City.

Writing ‘My Boy’

Marty Smith knew that he couldn’t have Elvie Shane on the podcast without asking about “My Boy.” That song introduced Elvie to the country music world and it’s deeply personal. At one point, he talks about how personal that song is to him. But, you’ll have to check out the full episode for that.

The whole song started with a Facebook post that someone sent Elvie Shane. It said, “I don’t have a stepson I have a son that was born before I met him.” That hit him hard. Fortunately, he was sitting on the back porch with a handful of songwriters. About it, Shane said, “It was such a cool, vulnerable writing experience that turned into four grown-ass twenty-something-year-old men drinkin’ Coors lights, huggin’ on each other, and cryin’ by the end of the night.”

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