The Marty Smith Podcast featuring Hardy and Matt Stinchcomb

by Chase Thomas

Has it been a week already since the episode of Outsider’s The Marty Smith Podcast? Believe it or not, folks, it has. On this week’s edition of the show, though, it is indeed a special one. Co-host Wes Blankenship’s Georgia Bulldogs are your 2022 National Champions of college football. So, naturally, Marty and Wes kick things off right there. Marty clears the runway so that Wes can tell all about his experience traveling to Indy for the big game against the Alabama Crimson Tide. Then, ESPN CFB color analyst and UGA alum Matt Stinchcomb joins the program to talk about the big game. To round out the show, country music star Hardy sits down with Marty for a fun interview.

Being the funny man that he is, Stinchcomb starts the interview with Marty and Wes after a great introduction from Marty with the line, “Well, what it means is you better look both ways before you cross because if you get hit by a bus you’re going to die happy now.” It’s a great time to be a sports fan in Georgia as Stinchcomb points out with both the Dawgs and the Braves winning titles in the last couple of months.

Both Stinchcomb and Wes are local Atlanta guys, from the same county in fact. Wes attended Collins Hill High and Stinchcomb attended Parkview just a tad before Jeff Francouer. For Wes and Stinchcomb, it doesn’t get better than this and they talk all about how crazy it is that the teams got here, and at the same time no less.

“Hope is a fancy word for torture,” Stinchcomb says to the guys on the episode. It had been generations, as Stinchcomb points out, since the last time Georgia won a National Championship. “I was so glad I could soak it in,” Wes said as he and Stinchcomb talked about their in-game experience. It was a night neither party will ever forget.

Hardy on The Marty Smith Podcast

To wrap, Marty talks with country music star Hardy about a multitude of topics. Inspiration for his track “Give Heaven Some Hell” and how it brought Marty back to think about a late friend that he had not thought about in decades. Who was Hardy thinking about when he wrote it? They get into how growing up in Mississippi shaped Hardy’s worldview. Hardy talks about playing baseball and how it all came together for him and much more.

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