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The Marty Smith Podcast: Frank Caliendo Talks John Madden, Best Impressions, and Next Career Moves

by Chase Thomas
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Hey y’all, it’s a new week, which means a new episode of The Marty Smith Podcast on Outsider. In this week’s jam-packed episode of the program, legendary comedian Frank Caliendo stops by for a fun conversation with Marty.

Frank Caliendo joins the program and the two talk about a myriad of topics. They even get into Marty’s accent, which Frank finds really interesting. It’s a southern accent, but it’s different for Frank. “You articulate every single word,” Frank tells Marty. “You have the southern drawl and the articulation,” he added. This is different than a lot of other southern accents where the words kind of all blend together, as Frank hilarious describes.

There is an art and a lot of work that goes into what Frank does in his impersonations. Marty asked him about what all went into it. His process for crafting the perfect impression. “The facial expressions are what first tip the person to what you’re doing.” Marty mentions how perfect Caliendo pulls off his George W. Bush impression. According to Frank, it’s all about the eyebrows and the smirk. He then tells Marty how current President Joe Biden does something similar where he “listens with his eyes.”

“It’s finding the cadence,” Frank tells Marty about how to pull off the right impression.

Marty and Wes Talk Vanity Plates, Luke Combs Koozies, More

To kick things off, though, Marty caught up with his weekly co-host Wes Blankenship on a variety of subjects. Unfortunately for Marty, though, he learned that he missed out on securing a Luke Combs Daytona 500 koozie at the race with Wes a few weeks prior. The guys talked about what makes Frank Caliendo so impressive as a comedian with his ability to not only get the voices right of those he impersonates but also their mannerisms as well. Marty recalls a past JV football coach who had a strong accent that his buddy Bones could always nail.

Marty also revealed the nickname he had growing up. It had to do with his ability to catch a lot of things. His nickname was “Sweet Hands” due to his ability in a variety of sports as a kid to catch everything that was thrown at him. He loved it. It still didn’t make it onto a vanity plate, though. However, Wes tells Marty about a vanity plate back in Clarke County. It was simple, but it was hilarious. “Truck!” As Wes shouts it out much to the delight of Marty.

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