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Marty Smith Podcast with Ryan McGee: Krispy Kreme, Football, and More

by Clayton Edwards

Marty Smith and the boys closed the year out with a big podcast. In this episode, Marty, Wes, and Travis get deep in the weeds about donuts, Reese Cups, and more. Then, it’s a Marty & McGee party when Ryan McGee shows up. That’s when the conversation turns to football, the weather, and the good old days.

Eat Before You Listen to this Episode of the Marty Smith Podcast

You might want to grab lunch before you listen to this episode of the Marty Smith Podcast. First, the guys dive deep into donuts. From national chains to mom-and-pop donut shops, they cover it all. Additionally, Travis shares his memories of the first time he scored some deep-fried goodness from a Krispy Kreme with the “hot” light on.  Then, Mart talks about risking it all for a tasty morning treat.

If the discussion about donuts doesn’t get your gut growling, just wait. Marty Smith and the guys take the podcast down the Reese’s road. They talk about the virtues of the Reese’s egg, the greatness of the buckeye. Additionally, you’ll hear Marty talk about the forgotten art of making homemade peanut butter eggs.

Ornamental Disappointment

In a previous episode of the podcast, Marty Smith discussed his White House Christmas ornament. At that time, he believed that getting a Christmas ornament from the White House was a rare honor. It turns out he was wrong. Learning that broke Marty’s heart. However, he won’t tone down his love of the Clinton-era White House ornament. The fact that you can buy those ornaments in bulk online won’t change a thing.

Ryan McGee Joins the Marty Smith Podcast  

This episode is perfect for fans of Marty & McGee. Ryan McGee joined the cast of the Marty Smith Podcast to talk about calling the Myrtle Beach Bowl with Marty. They kicked off the conversation with a discussion about the pre-game spread at the Bowl. Apparently, it was fit for a king. That is if your dog’s name is King and he’ll eat anything.

Then, they get into the mystery of Dr. Phil’s connection to the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes and his alleged performance on the field. McGee is ready to go to the ends of the earth to verify the truth behind nebulous claims.

Fans of Marty & McGee will get a little behind-the-scenes info about their coverage of the Myrtle Beach Bowl. They are also getting the kind of entertaining conversation that they’ve come to expect from the show.

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