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The Marty Smith Podcast: Singer Ashley Cooke and Denver Broncos’ Justin Simmons

by Chase Thomas

It was a special show this week on The Marty Smith Podcast. Along with catching up with his co-host Wes, Marty had a stacked lineup of folks that included both Justin Simmons of the Denver Broncos and country music star Ashley Cooke.

Simmons has been nominated for the Walter Payton Man of the Year award on three occasions now as a member of the Denver Broncos. Marty and Wes asked him, too, about his foundation that does so much for folks. Simmons’ focus he tells the guys is to give back to the folks that helped him get to where he is now whether that be his coaches, parents, teachers, etc. “Whenever I have an opportunity to give back and set something up that means a lot to me,” Simmons said.

Later, Ashley Cooke joined the guys to talk about everything from shotgunning beers to Valentine’s Day expectations. Cooke said that “If you’re seeing somebody, I feel like you should treat every day like it’s Valentine’s Day. You should just get flowers, because why not?”

Cooke also told the hilarious story about trying to do a shotgun challenge at a college bar. While they were able to do this at other stops, because it was a college bar, the rules were a bit different. “So I asked the people can I do this here? And they were like, ‘That’s gonna be a ‘No’ from me, dawg,” Cooke joked about the shotgun challenge.

Marty Smith And Wes Talk Super Bowl LVI

To kick things off on the podcast, though, Marty was joined by his weekly co-host Wes Blankenship. Together, the duo covered a multitude of subjects. With it being Valentine’s Day, the two married men conversed about their wives and how it all works between them. With Marty being a public figure, he talked about growing with his wife and why it’s so important to just enjoy spending time with your person. “I know what a blessing it is for me,” Marty said about the relationship with his wife. “I was not a great communicator early on, but she helped me,” Wes concluded.

The duo then hit on Super Bowl LVI. “He just got his gold jacket,” Marty said of Matthew Stafford. This was music to Wes’s ears as a UGA alum. After spending over a decade toiling away in Detroit, the Los Angeles Rams traded for the former UGA star and it may have indeed gotten Stafford a spot in Canton. “I want to give Joe Burrow his due looking like the Hamburgler walking into the stadium,” Wes said. Even though Wes loved seeing Stafford win a ring, he was amazed at what Burrow almost did on what could be another serious knee injury he suffered during the game.