Marty Smith – The Road You Leave Behind #9 – Dustin Lynch

by Clayton Edwards

Dustin Lynch has small-town roots. He grew up in Tullahoma, Tennessee. You can hear the evidence of those roots in the music that he makes. He has been around for about ten years and dropped his fourth album, named for his hometown, in January of 2020. So, he is one of many artists to release an album right before COVID closed the world and put touring musicians on a forced year-long hiatus. He talks about it all on the newest installment of The Road You Leave Behind With Marty Smith.

That hiatus is the first thing that Marty Smith and Dustin Lynch talk about on the show. They discuss how he and his crew got through the past year without live music. During that time, Lynch opens up about finding a new passion as well as a new hustle during the pandemic. If you want to know what he was getting up to while we were all locked down, you’ll have to tune in. Don’t worry, though, the podcast is live right now.

Don’t think that Marty Smith and Dustin Lynch spent too much time dwelling on the doom and gloom of the pandemic. They’re both incredibly positive guys. So, they moved on quickly to talk about Lynch’s early days in the music business and how he rose to success. Right now, he has released seven singles that have gone to the top of the Billboard Country Airplay Chart. More are sure to come.

Dustin Lynch’s Other Career Options

Today, we think of Dustin Lynch as a hit-making country singer. However, he told Marty Smith that there were a couple of other roads he thought about taking before committing to a music career. This happens when Smith brings up Lynch’s college days at Lipscomb University. Dustin earned a B.S. in biology there. At one point, he considered becoming a doctor. However, that’s fairly well-known.

On the other hand, how Dustin Lynch ended up at Lipscomb and how he landed a full ride to the private university absolutely blew Marty’s mind. Again, if you want to learn more about that, tune in below. As an added bonus, Marty Smith talks about what career path he would have tried to follow if he had it to do all over again.

Lynch Talks About the Grand Ole Opry

Dustin Lynch became an official member of the Grand Ole Opry in September of 2018. Trace Adkins invited him to join. Then, Reba McEntire inducted him into the family. He told Marty Smith about his induction.

The “Small Town Boy” singer talks about the emotional rollercoaster that was that night and his family’s reaction to the event. However, I’m afraid I wouldn’t do it justice. So, you’ll have to listen to Dustin tell it.

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