Oklahoma, Texas, SEC Football and Toby Keith on the Marty Smith Podcast

by Clayton Edwards

 The new iteration of The Marty Smith Podcast combines a little bit of everything that we love here at Outsider. The latest episode features Marty, Wes Blankenship, and Travis Rockhold discussing country music, the CMA Awards, college football, and life in general. Then, Marty sat down with 90s country mainstay Toby Keith. In short, if you ever wondered what was at the heart of our brand, this episode will clue you in.

Marty Smith kicked off the podcast with a salute to America’s veterans. “I want to start by once again thanking our veterans. Last week was Veterans Day week… and I just want to say one more time, on behalf of every one of us that’s involved at Outsider, how grateful we are for you.”

CMA Awards Discussion on The Marty Smith Podcast

 Marty Smith attended the CMA Awards and a killer afterparty that he couldn’t discuss on the podcast. Despite several attempts to get him to divulge his fellow partygoers, the guys talked about the awards show. More specifically, they talked about Luke Combs landing Entertainer of the Year. Like many people, Travis wanted to know how Stapleton was able to break out his broom and sweep the CMAs without winning the big prize. “That’s like a quarterback winning every quarterback award…and the Heisman goes to somebody else.” If you want to hear them discuss the reasoning behind that, you’ll have to tune in to the full episode.

Texas, Oklahoma, and the SEC

While the guys were discussing college ball, Wes Blankenship brought up the discussion around Oklahoma and Texas joining the SEC. “There’s this criticism now that Texas and Oklahoma are not worthy of joining the SEC because of this 2021 season. I think it’s ridiculous… It’s people with a kneejerk reaction saying ‘look at how bad they are’ and not considering the brands that they are.”

Marty Smith has never been shy about sharing his views on the podcast and this isn’t any different. “It is a boon for the South Eastern Conference to add these two blueblood programs that are national brands that have a lot of money and now they’re going to have a lot more.” However, he knows it’s going to take time for these teams to be able to truly compete in the Conference.

If you want to hear more about all of the above as well as some insights on the best creameries, milking cows, and Marty Smith’s beard, check out the video podcast. However, if you want to hear Marty chat with Toby Keith, you’ll have to go to your favorite podcast platform.

Toby Keith on the Marty Smith Podcast

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that an episode of The Marty Smith Podcast wouldn’t be complete without a solid interview. This week’s installment is no different.

During their chat, Toby Keith talked about his relationship with Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. TK said that Willie was fun to hang with. However, Merle was his mentor and musical father figure. Those two Outlaw legends helped to shape his attitude and set his feet on the right path in music.

The major highlight, though, was when Toby Keith talked about being inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. “All the other awards – Entertainer of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year – they’re just odd-lookin’ trophies that sit in my storage unit. The songwriter stuff is what I set out to do.”

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