Out of Office with Lindsey Nance: Jay Cutler Talks Getting Recruited and Committing to Vanderbilt Football

by Chris Haney

Outsider officially has your new favorite show to tune into as Out of Office with Lindsey Nance goes behind the scenes with some of Nashville‘s biggest celebrities, musicians, and athletes. To start things off this week, Nance kept things close to the office with Outsider’s very own co-founder and former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler.

The Pro Bowl QB has a long history with Nashville, which he’s called home since retiring after the 2017 season. Yet his ties to Music City date back much further to his college days when he played for Vanderbilt University from 2002 to 2005.

Cutler opened up to Nance about growing up in a small town in Indiana. Originally he thought he’d go to the University of Illinois, but things changed once Vandy called. The former quarterback shares his recruitment story and chats about committing to play football at Vanderbilt. Amusingly enough, Cutler had never even heard of Vanderbilt and didn’t know anything about Nashville before the school started recruiting him.

“How did you make that decision to go to Vandy?” Nance asked Cutler.

“I didn’t even know where Vanderbilt was. I didn’t even know where Nashville was,” Cutler amusingly answered. “Cause up there [in Indiana] I was a Notre Dame fan, and it’s all Big Ten up there.”

Jay Cutler Explains He Had Less Than a Day To Accept Vandy’s Offer

As Lindsey Nance’s conversation with Jay Cutler continued, the former Vanderbilt star detailed how he became a Commodore. One day while still in high school, the athletic director called him to his office over the intercom. Cutler hilariously thought he was in trouble, but instead it was Vanderbilt on the phone.

“Got on the phone, and [the Vandy recruiter] is like, ‘Hey, we watched your film. We don’t think you can play tight end in the SEC.’ And I was like, ‘Well, that’s good because I don’t even play tight end,'” Cutler said on Out of Office.

“Okay, I was confused,” Nance said with a laugh, knowing Jay played quarterback his whole collegiate and pro career.

“So was I,” Cutler admitted. “And the guy’s like, ‘Who is this?’ And I told him and he’s like, ‘Oh, I was watching the wrong film.'”

The recruiter told Cutler he’d watch the correct tape and get back to him. The high school prospect assumed that was it, and that there was no chance he’d hear back from Vanderbilt. However, a couple hours later, another message comes over the intercom for Jay to go back to the athletic director’s office.

“The guy’s like, ‘Hey, we watched it and really like it. We want to offer you a scholarship.’ This is over the phone. And I’m like, okay. But he said they need to know by the end of the day,” Cutler explained of the shortest recruitment of all-time.

The quarterback went home and researched as much as he could about Vandy and Nashville as quickly as possible. After calling his dad, his father didn’t waste any time saying, “Call them back, you’re going.”

“So I call them back and I’m like, ‘I guess I’m in.’ And they were like, ‘perfect.’ Obviously the rest is history,” Cutler said of his college recruitment.