Out of Office with Lindsey Nance: Watch Jay Cutler Take Lindsey for a Spin in His Ferrari

by Chris Haney

In the debut episode of Out of Office with Lindsey Nance, our host catches up with Outsider co-founder and former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler at his Nashville home. Nance talks to Cutler about his football career from high school to the pros, and dives into his life after retirement. Towards the end of the interview, they have some fun on their way to Outsider headquarters. That’s because Jay and Lindsey travel in style as they take his Ferrari to work.

Throughout the morning of their interview last week, Nance spoke to Cutler about his 12-year career as an NFL quarterback. One of the perks of being a former professional football player is you tend to have the means for some of the finer things in life. Hence the white luxury Italian sports car with the horse emblem in Cutler’s driveway.

“Alright, haven’t seen this one before,” Nance says as they walk over to Cutler’s Ferrari. “I guess this is what we’re taking to work. Is this just a casual day in the life? Is this what you take to work everyday?”

“Every once a while. On a nice day,” Cutler said as they got in and buckled up.

“Do you have a helmet?” Nance jokingly asked her driver.

“Yea, if you want one,” Cutler answered.

“I feel like I might need it,” the Out of Office host amusingly said, wary of Cutler’s driving. “Mom, if you see this, I love you.”

Lindsey and Jay Ride to Work In Style On ‘Out of Office’

As Jay Cutler takes off down his driveway, host Lindsey Nance pointed out how much she liked the Ferrari’s red leather interior. That’s where the Pro Bowl quarterback disagrees since he “hates it.” But past that you can tell he loves driving the car. As they leave Cutler’s property, the driver hits the gas as Nance can’t help but enjoy the fun ride even though she amusingly seems frightened by the whole ordeal.

“To give y’all some context, these are very tiny, winding roads that we are going on,” Nance says into the camera.

“Let’s see how fast this thing can go,” Cutler says.

“No, let’s not,” Nance responds as she hilariously covers her eyes as Cutler hits the gas.

The Out of Office host then asks Jay Cutler what he thinks of while driving alone. Not one to take things too seriously, Cutler had a hysterical response that we’d assume anyone with a Ferrari could understand.

“How fast can I go? Are there cops ahead of me?” Cutler answered as he speeds up.

“You could have at least warned me,” Nance said to Cutler who put the pedal to the floor.

“It wouldn’t be as fun then,” Cutler admitted.

You can watch Lindsey Nance and Jay Cutler’s full conversation and their drive to Outsider headquarters in the video above. Also, make sure to stay tuned for more episodes of Out of Office with Lindsey Nance coming your way soon.