Outside Beers (From Afar): Jay Cutler Sips a Beer on the Office Patio While Jason Cracks Open a Cold One at the Beach

by Chris Haney

Jason might be in Florida on vacation, but the show must go on. This week on Outside Beers, Jay Cutler FaceTimes with Jason while he’s at the beach making us all jealous here at Outsider. We don’t have a full review of various beers like usual, but the guys still make sure to share a drink even from afar.

In one of the more amusing episodes of Outside Beers, the guys catch up with each other and share some huge news for all the fellow Outsiders out there. First, Jason had to rub it in though that he was in the middle of St. Joseph Bay while Jay was on the office patio outside of Nashville. The boys engaged in some lighthearted banter before they shared a huge announcement.

“I am standing in the middle of St. Joseph Bay, Cape San Blas, Florida. You jealous?” Jason said to Jay.

“I’m not amused. Why am I here?” Jay begrudgingly answered.

The guys have already mentioned in previous episodes that Outsider is creating our own beer coming out soon. Well, we’ve got our first reveal of the can and the beer’s name today on Outside Beers. Plus, we’ve got some brand new koozies hitting the shop soon as well.

“I think you’ve got to tell people the name of this beer now the cat’s out of the bag,” Jason says.

“Gratis is the name of the beer. Latin for ‘free’. We’re free of all the crap in beer. We’re… what else are we free of? Give us a pitch,” Jay said putting Jason on the spot.

“We’re living free and we’re living bold,” Jason said as Jay holds up the new dark blue Gratis American Ale beer can by Outsider.

The Guys Share a Drink and Show Off Their Kicks on ‘Outside Beers’

Since the guys couldn’t be together this week, they each picked their own beer to share a drink from afar. Jason chose a good one from Oyster City Brewing Company out of Apalachicola, Florida. He’s drinking their Mill Pond Dirty blonde ale. For Jay, he grabbed what he could from the office and ended up with a classic Stella Artois lager.

“The only thing in the office was Stella. So I went Stella in our koozie just to kinda cover it up,” Jay amusingly shared.

“Good beer. Here we go,” Jason said of the Mill Pond Dirty as they both took a sip of their cold beers.

Of course, everyone’s second favorite segment on Outside Beers is back even though the guys are states away from each other. Jay and Jason once again show off their kicks as they do each week. But Jason hilariously had trouble turning his phone around to show Jay his shoes and he almost fell in the water.

Jason is rockin’ the Nike SB Satire Premium skate shoes in the blue floral colorway. Not bad, but Jay brought a classic pair of Jordans even though Jason thinks they’re another pair of “moon boots.” Jay broke out the Air Jordan 11 Retro Low ‘IE’ in white and blue with the signature elephant print.

That’ll do it for another edition of Outside Beers this week. Tune in next week for more brews, shoes, and more!