Outside Beers: Jay Cutler and Jason Crack Open Some Cold Ones from Edmund’s Oast and Bearded Iris

by Lauren Boisvert

Join Jay and Jason on Outside Beers as they crack open a couple of cold ones with the boys on yet another scorcher of a day in Nashville. The guys are swingin’ on the swing, drinkin’ beers, smokin’ Jay Cutler X Outsider signature cigars, and overall trying to beat the heat like they have all this summer. In the past, they’ve had Shiner Bock and Coors Banquet on the front porch, Sam Adams’ and Leinenkugel’s summer staples, and even some local brews in the Dominican Republic. Now, with the heatwave ripping through the US, the pair looks like they’re contemplating rebranding to Inside Beers, but that just doesn’t have the same ring. After all, beers taste better outside, as we like to say.

Before the first can is even cracked, Jason takes a moment to tell Jay that he’s proud of him for his cigars. The project was most likely a great undertaking; an enjoyable undertaking because Jay got to try out a bunch of cigars, but an undertaking nonetheless. I imagine there was a lot of planning involved.

Then, the guys open up their first beer of this Outside Beers episode, Edmund’s Oast Something Cold Premium Blonde Ale. Jay mentions that he went for “cool cans” this time, and Edmund’s Oast doesn’t disappoint. The brewery is out of Charleston, South Carolina, “one of the greatest cities in our country,” says Jason, to which Jay agrees. According to the brewery’s website, Something Cold has “soft, malty aromas with ever-so-subtle hints of orchard fruit.”

They cheers and sip, and the flavor seems to catch them off guard. “It comes out of the gate,” says Jason. Jay replies, “It hits ya’, boom!”

“A little uppercut, but it milds out,” Jason says. “Give me about six dozen oysters in Charleston and a bunch of these.”

They come to the conclusion that, according to Jay, “It hits ya’, then the second [sip] mellows out. How’s the third one?” he asks. Jason replies, “Just as good as the second.”

Jay and Jason Beat the Heat With a New Episode of ‘Outside Beers’

Next on Outside Beers, the guys crack open Bearded Iris’ Pep Talk Pilsner. Bearded Iris is a local Nashville, Tennessee brewery that specializes in the types of hops they cultivate. Instead of creating a long list of varying styles, Bearded Iris leans more toward exclusively IPAs, DIPAs, and Pale Ales.

After a long sip, Jason says simply, “Another good one.” Jay replies that he’s starting to get used to really hoppy beers, and Jason says, “I’m buying it.” They seem to have found two winners here with Edmund’s Oast and Bearded Iris. But, have they found the perfect beer for a hot summer day yet?

“I’ve liked some of the beers, I’ve hated some of the beers,” says Jay, “I don’t think we’ve found the perfect beer though.”

Evidently not. We’re just going to have to keep doing Outside Beers segments until we find the perfect beer, I suppose. Oh, the hardship. It’s going to be difficult, but I’m sure the guys will survive.

Jay and Jason then take a bit to talk about what shows they’re watching now. The consensus: “Peaky Blinders” (“Do you put the subtitles on?” asks Jay. “Have to,” says Jason, “Otherwise I feel like I’ve missed half of it.”).

After a chat about the shoes for this episode, where Jay gets ragged on for having all his shoes gifted to him and Jay wishes Jason’s shoes were in literally any other color, Jason comes up with a new tagline for the show: “Pick up a beer, ’cause we are outta here.” To which Jay replies, “I feel like we’re going to need a new tagline because we’re going to start drinking beers inside.” (Am I psychic or what?)

“How about this,” says Jason. “Beers taste great outside or inside.”

“Yeah, you keep working on that,” Jay laughs. All in all, that’s two more beers for the books, and Outside Beers is indeed outta here, for now.