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Outside Beers: Jay Cutler, Jason Sip on Coors Banquet and Shiner Bock While Rocking Classic Jordans

by Chris Haney
(via Outside Beers)

Jay Cutler and Jason are back this week for another fun edition of Outside Beers, because “beers taste better outside.” In previous episodes, the guys have tasted brews from all over the country and even tried out some local drinks while in the Dominican Republic. This week though, we’re testing out a couple domestic classics that can be found across the nation – Shiner Bock and Coors Banquet.

First up, the guys try out Spoetzl Brewery’s flagship dark lager, Shiner Bock. The flavorful lager hails from Shiner, Texas and has been around since 1913. Both Jay and Jason have tried it before, but how is it on a hot summer day in Nashville?

“Let’s quench our thirst with a giant Shiner Bock from Texas,” Jason said on Outside Beers.

“People love this stuff,” Jay commented.

“I agree. It’s great,” Jason added.

While Jay had tried Shiner Bock before, he had no idea there was a town in Texas called Shiner. Hence the name of the beer. As the guys took their first sips, Jay remembered it tasting a bit different, but he still enjoyed it.

“Good beer. It’s too much flavor for you,” Jason said, knowing what Jay tends to like in a beer.

“I remember it being more flavorful. Maybe we’ve just had too many today,” Jay joked.

Jason loved it, Jay liked it, but both of the guys agree that every beer tastes better in a bottle compared to a can. Next up, Outside Beers is trying out an even older American beer that’s a staple in grocery stores across the country.

Jay and Jason Share a Second Round on ‘Outside Beers’

In addition to Shiner Bock, we’ve got another domestic classic on the Outside Beers menu today in Coors Banquet. The “Banquet Beer” as it’s known has been around even longer than Shiner since the original recipe from Colorado dates back to 1873.

Over the decades, it’s been rebranded a handful of times as it’s gone back and forth between being called Coors Original and Coors Banquet. Whatever it’s called, it’s the same classic beer, which the guys absolutely love.

“I like these. These are my jam. I mean they crushed it,” Jay says of Coors’ short brown bottle.

“Look at that bottle. That’s good. Great bottle, great beer,” Jason concurred. “And you know the brown bottle helps keep the sun out. It’s supposed to be better for the beer than a clear bottle.”

If you can’t tell, the guys are big fans of the Banquet Beer. From the packaging and branding to the beer within, you can’t go wrong when it comes to Coors Banquet.

The Guys Show Off Their Sneakers, Including the Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Military Blue’

Of course, we can’t leave out the guys’ second favorite segment of each episode. While the brews come first, their kicks come in at a close second as they compare some of their favorite sneakers each week. Starting out with Jay, he simply said “Boom!” as he showed off his Jordans.

“That’s all you have to say?” Jason asked Jay with a laugh. “Very nice, very retro. Jordans, what are those, 4s? Instagram is gonna scream at us for not knowing.”

“Eh, maybe,” Jay answered. “Yea, they’re something.”

As another resident sneakerhead at Outsider, I can confirm that they are indeed Air Jordan 4s. Specifically, Jay is wearing the Air Jordan 4 Retro in the Military Blue colorway. A clean, great looking classic Jordan for sure.

“Could you dunk in those back in the day?” a doubtful Jason asked Jay.

“I dunked like last year. I can still dunk for sure,” the former NFL quarterback responded.

But what does Jason have in store for us this week? He too broke out a pair of Jordans. While they’re not part of the Air Jordan signature series, they do have a special story behind them. Jason wore this particular pair when playing Division III college basketball and said he had quite the game while wearing them. Jay amusingly seemed skeptical about that last part.

“These are ridiculously fantastic Nikes, camo, Jordan. These are awesome, and these are game-worn… by me,” Jason explained.

“You wore these in Division III?” Jay asked.

“I think I went for like 30 [points] in these,” Jason answered.

“You probably scored like 13,” Jay hilariously said to Jason.

For those that are curious, the guys didn’t know exactly what Jordans model Jason had on. But I can confirm they’re one of NBA star Chris Paul’s early signature shoes from Jordan Brand. So they were at least right about that part. Go easy on ’em online, sneakerheads.

Well, there you have it. Another beer-drinking, sneaker-loving edition of Outside Beers is in the bag.