Outside Beers: Jay Cutler and Jason Try to Beat the Heat with Cold Beers from Montucky and 3 Floyds Brewing

by Chris Haney

“Maybe outside beers are sometimes better inside,” Jay Cutler amusingly said on a scorching hot day just outside of Nashville this week. Jay and Jason are back for another episode of Outside Beers, but the guys seem to be yearning for the indoors and some A/C this go around. Hopefully, a couple of cold beers will help out though, so let’s get into it.

The guys are at Tin Roof 2 filming on the patio as they try out two new beers today on the show. At this point, they’ve tried out a bit of everything in previous episodes.

Jay and Jason have tasted classic domestic beers like Coors Banquet and Bud Light in the American flag cans on the July 4th. They’ve tried local craft beers from Tennessee, and others from microbreweries across the nation. The guys even tasted some local beers while in the Dominican Republic earlier this summer. For today though, they’re testing out the unofficial beer of Montana in the Montucky Cold Snacks lager. Plus, we’ve got one from a very popular brewery out of Indiana with 3 Floyds Zombie Dust Pale Ale. First up, Montucky’s lager.

“This is all the rage right now,” Jay says as Jason hands him a Cold Snacks lager.

“I’m told that people are switching to these. Switching from Natty’s, PBR to these,” Jason said of the beer.

“Getting some fruitiness,” Jason added after taking a sip.

“I am getting some fruit in there,” Jay agreed.

“You made me drink so much last night I didn’t think I was going to be able to get this sip down. But it’s actually good. This might be fixing me,” Jason hilariously said to Jay.

“I’ll tell you what. I think that’s what we’ve learned: the colder the beer, the better,” Jay added.

“Light, crisp, refreshing. We say that about every beer, but it’s all those things. And it’s good,” Jason concluded.

The Guys Try Out 3 Floyd’s Zombie Dust Pale Ale on ‘Outside Beers’

3 Floyds Brewing out of Munster, Indiana has become super popular in recent years among the craft beer community. They’re well-known for making great IPAs and pale ales. They also brew a popular wheat beer year-round, the Gumballhead Wheat Ale.

Today, the guys are trying another one of the brewery’s staples – the 3 Floyds Zombie Dust Pale Ale. While tons of beer drinkers across the country love Zombie Dust (myself included), let’s just say it didn’t pair well with our hosts’ palates.

“Yep, I’m done here,” Jay said after taking only one sip.

“It’s a lot of flavors,” Jason said after taking a drink.

“Ton of flavors. Can’t even express all the flavors,” Jay added.

“I’m getting bitter… for a longgg time,” Jason said of the Zombie Dust.

“I don’t get it, I just don’t get it. I don’t get it,” Jay amusingly said on repeat.

Needless to say, Jay and Jason aren’t the biggest pale ale or IPA fans, especially if they lean towards a West Coast bitter pale ale. Light, crisp lagers and pilsners are more to their tastes, especially on a hot day in Tennessee. So they each decided to go back to the Montucky and partake in a few more sips of that instead.

“People love [3 Floyds], so it’s just not our speed,” Jay admitted about the 3 Floyds beer.

Jason and Jay Compare Nikes: Air Max 95s and Vandal Highs

In what’s become a tradition on Outside Beers, Jay and Jason bring things to a close while showing off their sneakers each week. It’s not necessarily about who’s wearing the best or most expensive pair, but bragging rights are definitely up for grabs. As a resident sneakerhead and craft beer lover myself, we’re getting the best of both worlds on Outside Beers.

Jay’s coming in hot this week with a full-on coordinated attack from his blue sneakers to his blue shirt to the blue Montucky beer can .

“Those scream summer. The colors are phenomenal,” Jason said of Jay’s shoes.

“Yep, Air Max… what are these? 95s, maybe? 97s?” Jay asked showing off his blue Nike Air Max 95s.

“Cool colors, match the shirt,” Jay added while wearing a blue Outsider custom shop shirt. “I’m on fire right now.”

Next up, Jason showed off what he thinks is a Nike sneaker based off of old Air Jordan 1s. They both have a similar old-school look to them for a reason. In fact, both the AJ1 and Nike Vandals originally released in 1985. Specifically, Jason is wearing the Nike Vandal High Premium UTT in the black and red colorway.

“Your shoes are all from the ’80s and ’90s,” Jay said to Jason.

“Exactly,” Jason proudly said.

“Both cool shoes,” Jay added.

That’s it for another edition of Outside Beers. We’ll be back with more beers and more sneakers next week.