Outside Beers: Jay Cutler and Jason Try Out 2 Beers Inside at the PBR Team Series in Nashville

by Chris Haney

We’re taking Outside Beers inside this week as Jay Cutler and Jason attended the recent Professional Bull Riding (PBR) Team Series at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. The guys are trying out two very different beers on the show, including a local IPA that’s found all around Music City that we know Jay is just gonna love.

But first, the guys came prepared to attend a bull riding event, which is clear from their get-ups. Jason went all out with his denim overalls and cowboy hat while Jay made sure to throw on a huge belt buckle and nice cowboy boots. Yet it wasn’t just any belt buckle. The Nashville Stampede presented it to Jay who gladly accepted the gift and wore it right away.

“Luckily my belt worked out for it. Put it on immediately,” Jay said on Outside Beers.

“Is that on the trading block? Maybe trade. Like maybe I have a hat that you’re interested in,” Jason said as he motioned to his cowboy hat.

“Your hat sucks. I hate your hat,” Jay hilariously responded to Jason.

Doesn’t look like the guys are coming to terms on a trade. But what they can agree on is it’s time for their first beer. PBR hooked the guys up while at the event with a pair of beers that we haven’t had on the show yet. First up, they’re trying out Pontoon Brewing’s New Wave Radical Blonde Ale out of Sandy Springs, Georgia.

“I already know I’m probably gonna hate it,” a pessimistic Jay Cutler said while looking at the 80s-inspired can.

“Good! It’s good,” Jason said after taking his first sip.

“I think I kinda like it!” Jay agreed, sounding pleasantly surprised. “What is that? A little cherry, strawberry, raspberry. One of the berries. Gimme a berry.”

“Some sort of fruit,” Jason added.

The Guys Taste Another One of Jay’s Favorite Styles of Beer – IPAs

As the guys sipped their beers, they got to talking about the PBR event. Jason pointed out the stars of the show – the enormous bulls. He shared that they “are specifically bred to buck and give these cowboys a hard time. They are monsters. They weigh close to, if not, 2,000 pounds.”

So the guys are gonna stick to drinkin’ beer since neither of them have any desire to get in a ring with a huge bull. Next up, they’re tasting Yee-Haw Brewing Co.’s Yee-Haw IPA out of Nashville. If you’ve watched the show before, you know Jay can’t stand IPAs. Let’s just say the last time he tried one on Outside Beers, it didn’t go well.

“That fits where we are. Yee-Haw beer,” Jason said looking at the can.

“I hate it, it’s an IPA. I like the can though. Black and white,” Jay said before drinking it.

The guys gave their best effort in yellin’ out a solid “yee-haw,” which was appropriate for the occasion. Then they took their first sip. We’re not sure Jay even got a full sip in before he spit out the drink as it went all over his pants and shirt.

“I told you at the beginning. That’s as IPA as it gets. It’s not my jam. I mean look at me,” Jay said as he hilariously wiped beer off of himself. IPAs are just not his thing… if you can’t tell.

Jason didn’t love the beer either, but the guys did feel a lot better about their footwear. Jason is wearing a pair of steel-toed cowboy boots with his overalls and cowboy hat. He’s not sure the brand. But Jay has on some Tecovas made of alligator skin.

“I think I probably have cars that cost less than those alligator boots,” Jason joked.

“Possibly,” Jay responded.

“What’s our line? Here we go again,” Jason said trying to recall their new tagline as they brought Outside Beers to a close.

“Life,” Jason remembered.

“It’s better with beer,” Jay added.