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Outside Beers: The Guys Are Joined by Country Star Mitchell Tenpenny as They Taste Outsider’s Gratis Beer

by Chris Haney
(via Outsider/Outside Beers)

Outside Beers is inside once again for this episode, and for the first time ever Jay Cutler and Jason are welcoming a special guest on the show. This week, country music artist Mitchell Tenpenny joins the guys to talk beer, music, and sneakers. In fact, the country singer is now the first person that doesn’t work for Outsider that’s ever tasted our upcoming Gratis Beer. Spoiler alert: he’s a fan of the new beer and so are we.

The trio stopped by Bottle Cap on 12 South in Nashville for a couple beers. But first Jay and Jason talked to Mitchell about his music. The 33-year-old Nashville native is blowing up right now. The lead single from his upcoming second studio album, This Is The Heavy, is out now called “Truth About You.” Plus, he’s got a No. 1 hit song with Chris Young on the charts called “At the End of a Bar.”

As Jason knows, the artist also loves a good country song that involves drinkin’. He breached the subject before the guys had their first beer of the day.

“You sing a lot about drinkin’,” Jason said to Mitchell.

“Yea, I try to sing about what I know,” Mitchell hilariously responded.

Of course, it didn’t take long to get to the star of our show – the beer. For the first round, the guys are trying out a local IPA. At this point, we’re just serving IPAs to Jay because comedy ensues every time he tastes them.

“I already hate it,” Jay amusingly said before even tasting the IPA on Outside Beers.

Jay looked like he was physically sick after drinking the bitter IPA and then staring at it on the table with disdain in his eyes.

“Don’t take another sip,” Jay said to Mitchell. “I mean I’ve said it a million times on this show, I don’t get it.”

Mitchell Tenpenny Tries a Gratis Ale on ‘Outside Beers’

Jay Cutler and IPAs are the hilarious gift that just keeps on giving. However, he changed his tune as soon as the table got a few draft beers of the Gratis American Ale. Additionally, Mitchell Tenpenny is getting his first taste of the upcoming brew on this edition of Outside Beers.

“Four ingredients. The way beer should be. We don’t put all the junk in it to give it extra shelf life,” Jason shared.

“No preservatives or nothin’,” Jay said.

“Oh, that is good!” Jason practically screamed.

“That is good beer,” Mitchell said of the Gratis ale. “I’m not even kidding. I like the beer. I would drink a lot of this beer, and we should… This is great.”

“And we will,” Jason added.

Jason Blesses the Group With the Holy Grail of Sneakers

Of course, the guys eventually got to their second favorite portion of each episode and invited Mitchell Tenpenny to join in on the fun this week. First up, we’ve got the former NFL quarterback with a pair of custom Nikes the company let him create during his playing days.

Jay showed off a pair of custom Nike Roshe Run “NYC” in dark blue with white polka dots. You could only make your own if you had a contract with Nike as an “elite athlete.” The perks of an NFL star aren’t too bad.

Next up, Mitchell broke out a pair of green suede Nike Dunk Lows. The country star loves visiting thrift shops when on the road touring, and he found a gem recently.

“When I’m on the road I like to go to thrift shops and stuff,” Mitchell said on Outside Beers. “I found this pair of green Dunks that I’d never seen before.”

Yet Jason came prepared this week. Let’s just say he won the sneaker challenge today and maybe forever. Jason is blessing Outside Beers with his original pair of 1985 Air Jordan 1 “Chicago.” Granted his are game-worn from his basketball playing days, but we’re talking arguably the most important sneaker ever made – Michael Jordan’s first signature shoe. In fact, if the highly coveted shoe was in perfect condition, they’d be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

“These were my game-worn sneakers. Jordans, the sneaker that changed it all, right?” Jason said. “I folded the socks the way MJ did back in the day. They’re worn-in because they are from 1986. I don’t need to say anything, they say everything.”

“Like you said, these are the first ones that Michael wore and literally changed all of basketball and the shoe game in general,” Jay added.

“The sneaker game starts with those shoes,” Mitchell said about the AJ1s.

That’s it for another edition of Outside Beers. And thanks to Mitchell Tenpenny for stopping by the show to talk beer, music, and sneakers with us. Check out his new album, This Is The Heavy, out on September 16th. We’ll be back soon with more brews and shoes. Cheers, guys!