Outside Beers: The Guys Try Out Two Classic Beers in Pony Bottles While Hanging Out at Jay Cutler’s Kentucky Farm

by Chris Haney

The guys are back with another episode of Outside Beers, and they’re trying out two classic beers in unique smaller bottles. But before they get to their pony beers, Jay Cutler and Jason share another update about Outsider’s very own beer releasing soon.

In case you missed the big news in recent episodes, we’re proud to announce that we’ve brewed the upcoming Gratis American Ale and Gratis American Lager by Outsider. Last week, Jay showed off the brand new dark blue Gratis American Ale cans, and we’ve got koozies coming out as well in the Outsider Shop.

Now, we’ve officially got our first look at the yellow American Lager cans. And you can check them out along with further updates because Gratis social media accounts are officially up and live. So visit @GRATISBEER on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and make sure to follow us on each. After announcing the new social accounts, Jay and Jason broke out the first of two pony bottles on Outside Beers this week. First up, Corona Extra’s smaller cousin in a 7oz. bottle – Coronita.

“Let’s have some little beers,” Jason said. “I mean, it kinda doesn’t even matter what’s in it. They’re just so fun. We know what it tastes like, but out of this little bottle it’s a little more fun.”

“Yea, we’ve got baby beers,” Jay said as he looked at the Coronita bottle. “I like these little things.”

“I love these things. Only problem is they’re gone real fast,” Jay added before taking a big sip.

“They stay cold. It’s like eight sips – gone… or two,” Jason said underestimating Jay’s thirst as he downed his first Coronita.

The Guys Sip on Miller High Life Pony Bottles on ‘Outside Beers’

Next on the Outside Beers menu, we’ve got another classic brew in another tiny bottle – Miller High Life. While High Life is one of the most popular beers around, Jay Cutler has never tried the “Champagne of Beers” as it’s known. We’re about to fix that, and he loves the bottle already so that’s a good start.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a Miller High Life, honestly,” Jay admitted. “Great, great bottle.”

“That little pony is fantastic,” Jason said of the 7oz. mini bottle.

“I’ll tell you what. The Miller High Life, the labels and stuff, they did a great job,” Jay shared.

“Yea, it stands the test of time,” Jason said on Outside Beers. “We’re livin’ the High Life, I’ll tell you that.”

“It’s great. It’s so good,” Jason added after taking a sip.

“Why did I think it tasted so much different? It is really good,” Jay agreed.

Jay even wanted to know if Gratis could do a little pony bottle for Outsider’s new beer. As Jason amusingly said, you can do anything if you’re willing to pay for it. After enjoying both beers, the guys moved on to the last segment of the show as they showed off their sneakers to one another.

Jason stepped it up this week with a pair of Nike Air Force 1 Mid “Cork.” They’re exactly what they sound like, AF1s with an entire upper made of cork materials. The shoes released back in 2015 and have long been sold out, so if you want to buy them on the resell market you’ll have to pony up for them. See what we did there?

In Jay’s defense, he’s been working on his Kentucky farm, so he’s not wearing Jordans or Nikes this week. But he is wearing arguably some of the coolest hunting boots around. Jay has on a pair of Under Armour boots that lace up by simply twisting a knob to tighten the boots. We think they’re the Under Armour CH1 GTX Hunting Boots, which are designed by his friend and bowhunter Cam Hanes.

That’ll do it for this edition of Outside Beers. Jay and Jason will be back next week with more brews and shoes.

“Life…,” Jason said as they tried out the show’s new tagline.

“It’s better with beer,” Jay said. “Boom! Nailed it. I think the new tagline is great because you only have to say one word.”

“And I can’t screw that up,” Jason hilariously said.

“Yea,” Jay agreed.