The Double: Jay Cutler and Brandon Enjoy 3 Bottles of Pinhook Bourbon

by Chris Haney

Our hosts Jay Cutler and Brandon Chesbro are back for another new episode of The Double. We’re trying out some fun bottles this week as Brandon brought in three whiskeys from Frankfort, Kentucky’s Pinhook Bourbon.

If the guys were simply reviewing the bottle and the stories behind each spirit, Pinhook would get an A+ across the board. Since their first release in 2017, Pinhook has been making some of the most unique and good-lookin’ products on the market. Each bottle is finished off with a wax top in different colors. It makes for a stylish set of bottles that stand out from the competition.

One of the most impressive things about Pinhook is their interactive bottles that tell the story of an up-and-coming race horse. Whiskey drinkers can download the Pinhook app and scan each bottle to read about the history and specifications of every bottle.

Additionally, every year the distillery releases new bourbon and ryes that are connected to an “active, promising young thoroughbred.” It doesn’t get much more Kentucky than pairing bourbon with race horses.

Jay Cutler and Brandon have both seen Pinhook’s brightly colored bottles in stores. Yet Jay has never tried their bourbons and Brandon has only had one of their spirits when they first released five years ago.

Today, we’re gonna change that as the guys try out three offerings from the Kentucky distillery. We’ve got Pinhook’s Flagship Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Bourbon Heist), Pinhook True Single Barrel Rye (Tiz Rye Time – 5 Year), and High Proof Bourbon (Bourbon Heist). So let’s get to sippin’.

Pinhook Flagship Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Bourbon Heist)

  • Horse DetailsBourbon Heist – 10 Starts, Placed 6x, $134,000 in Career Earnings
  • Color: Medium amber
  • Nose: Bright aromas of orange blossom, nutmeg, and fresh-roasted coffee
  • Taste: Vibrant palate of butterscotch, toasted coconut, almond, and sassafras
  • Age: Average of 3 years, 4 months
  • Proof: 98 Proof, or 49% Alcohol by Volume
  • MSRP: $39.99

To start the tasting out today, the guys are trying the Pinhook Flagship Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Bourbon Heist). As he opened the first bottle, host Jay Cutler admitted he’s usually not the biggest fan of wax-topped bottles. However, the various colors differentiating each style of Pinhook’s bourbons has won him over.

“Man, it smells great,” Brandon said after sniffing the flagship bourbon. “Nose is great, not sure how I feel about the taste.”

“Thin,” Jay said describing the spirit.

“Thin. Can I say hot in the wrong way?” Brandon added.

The guys weren’t blown away with the flagship bourbon, but we’ve still got two more to go. And fans of The Double will know the next two are right up our hosts’ alley.

Pinhook True Single Barrel Rye (Tiz Rye Time – 5 Year)

  • Horse DetailsTiz Rye Time – 20 Starts, 3 Wins, Placed 6x, $201,000 in Career Earnings
  • Color: Deep amber
  • Nose: N/A
  • Taste: N/A
  • Age: 5 years
  • Proof: 110 Proof, or 55% Alcohol by Volume (varies)
  • MSRP: $69.99

Next up, Jay and Brandon are tasting another staple of the young Kentucky distillery in their Pinhook True Single Barrel Rye (Tiz Rye Time – 5 Year). The spirit makers also have a 4-year version of the rye that released in 2020 that’s still available. But we’re testing out their 5-year offering that released in 2021 today on The Double.

Of course, Jay Cutler loves a good rye these days if you’ve watched the show. So, expectations are raised for this one as he admitted, “Love good ryes.” But things didn’t start out great since Brandon said he couldn’t smell the spirit and Jay agreed.

“I got no nose on that compared to the first one,” Brandon said.

“Definitely a rye,” Jay chimed in after taking a sip.

“Definitely a rye. I like that one,” Brandon responded.

The guys couldn’t help but talk more about the bottles. Jay thinks Pinhook is doing things right with their packaging and accompanying app.

“[If] you have your bar set up at your house, and you have that full collection of these, you’re winning,” Brandon said.

“Looks amazing… it’s kind of a showstopper. I’m a fan,” Jay added.

Pinhook High Proof Bourbon (Bourbon Heist)

  • Horse DetailsBourbon Heist – 10 Starts, Placed 6x, $134,000 in Career Earnings
  • Color: Medium Amber
  • Nose: Warm notes of candied peaches, mango, and Ceylon cinnamon
  • Taste: Deep notes of baked nectarine, papaya, and dark maple
  • Age: Varies
  • Proof: 119.9 Proof, or 59.9% Alcohol by Volume
  • MSRP: $54.99

Last but not least, our hosts Jay Cutler and Brandon are kicking things into high gear with the distillery’s Pinhook High Proof Bourbon (Bourbon Heist). Fans of the show know this is the one Brandon was eagerly waiting to try out. The higher the proof the better for our co-host.

“Yea, let’s end on some jet fuel. Might as well, right?” Jay Cutler joked.

“Mhmm, you know I like it,” Brandon admitted. “Alright, High Proof, let’s do it.”

“Favorite,” Brandon simply added after taking a drink.

“Oh gosh, I like this one,” Jay shared.

“Favorite one out of the three, no question,” Brandon continued.

“Oh yea, that’s good,” Jay agreed. “Pinhook! It took us three to get there, but you nailed this one, guys.”

“That is the one. So I wonder if we go, our winner is the High Proof?” Brandon asked.

“Hell yea it is!” Jay confirmed without hesitation.

Another episode of The Double in the bag. Pinhook might have had some mixed results, but the guys love the bottles, the stories, and their High Proof Bourbon was the clear winner this week. We’ll be back at it with another bourbon taste test next week. Until then, cheers y’all!