The Double: Jay Cutler, Brandon Taste Two Classics from Michter’s Distillery After a Hunting Weekend

by Chris Haney

Earlier this week, The Double went on the road as Brandon joined Jay Cutler at his farm in Kentucky. It’s deer hunting season and the former NFL quarterback has been on his property trying to track down the same buck that eluded him last season.

However, after three days of chasing the buck, Cutler has failed to bag the deer as it continues to escape him. That’s why Brandon came through in the clutch with a couple bottles of whiskey to cheer up his friend after a rough start to the hunting season.

Last week, Brandon asked fans of The Double to suggest a bourbon for the guys to try out. The comment section didn’t disappoint as numerous people suggested that Jay and Brandon taste the spirits from Michter’s Distillery. Michter’s is a classic brand distilled in Louisville, Kentucky that is well-known in the industry. To Jay’s surprise, Brandon has never had any of the distillery’s whiskeys. But Jay has definitely tasted them and already gave Michter’s his stamp of approval.

Michter’s has a great reputation and makes some great special edition spirits, such as their toasted barrel whiskeys. Yet today, we’re going with two Michter’s classics: the Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon and the Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Rye.

Michter’s Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon

  • Color: Amber
  • Tasting Notes: Rich caramel with balanced vanilla, stone fruit notes, smoky depth, with an oak finish
  • Proof: 91.4 Proof, or 45.7% Alcohol by Volume
  • MSRP: $44.99

After confirming the correct pronunciation of Michter’s (pronounced “Mick-ters”), Brandon and Jay poured themselves a taste of the first whiskey. They’re testing out the distillery’s flagship Kentucky Straight Bourbon to start out.

“It’s smooth. It’s good,” Jay said after sipping the bourbon on The Double.

“I think that’s why people like it. It is pretty accessible,” he added after Brandon shared the cost of the bourbon. “It’s not too pricey, and I mean it’s solid, it’s really good.”

“It’s good…,” Brandon said of the bourbon. But Jay sensed his friend’s hesitant response.

“You don’t like it do you?” Jay asked.

“No, I mean it doesn’t blow me away,” Brandon admitted. “But it’s a great bourbon. Maybe it’s because I like a little higher proof. I like a little spice.”

“Need a little bit more jet fuel in your bourbon,” Jay said.

“If I have to disinfect something, I can disinfect something with it,” Brandon joked. “But great taste.”

Michter’s Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Rye

  • Color: Amber
  • Tasting Notes: Spice with peppery notes, citrus, butterscotch, oak
  • Proof: 84.8 Proof, or 42.4% Alcohol by Volume
  • MSRP: $44.99

Next up, the guys are testing out Michter’s flagship rye on The Double. For those of you that follow the show, you know rye whiskeys have a special place in Jay Cutler’s heart these days. Yet this one surprised Jay a bit.

“Is this alcohol?” Jay asked Brandon after taking his first sip of the Michter’s Straight Rye. “Is it like a caramel [taste]?”

“Yea, it’s caramel. It’s very caramely for a rye,” Brandon agreed.

“Very caramely. It’s like a caramel apple almost,” Jay said.

“I appreciate that that’s a solid sipper that I could have two or three of them over the course of an evening [and] I could remember the next day,” Brandon joked.

“That’s how we should start classifying these. Will you be able to remember the next day? Or will you not?” Jay hilariously said.

Although the bourbon didn’t jump out at Brandon at first, and the rye’s taste surprised our hosts, they each enjoyed the Michter’s samplings.

“Michter’s, I give it two thumbs up,” Brandon concluded.

“I like it. I’m a big fan,” Jay added.

That does it for another edition of The Double. Tune in next week as Brandon has already given us a preview of what’s to come. The guys will be testing out bourbons from Colorado’s Old Elk Distillery. See y’all next week, cheers!