The Marty Smith Podcast #11 – Trace Adkins

by Clayton Edwards

Trace Adkins has been in the country music world for 25 years now. He is celebrating that milestone by dropping an album that contains a list of collaborations that is long as well as surprising. Right now, Adkins is out promoting the record. So, naturally, he stopped by the Outsider studio to chat with our own Marty Smith. However, he isn’t just plugging the album. He and Marty sat down and talked about his long road to stardom.

HIghlights From Marty’s Conversation With Trace Adkins

Marty and Trace Adkins covered over twenty-five years’ worth of music and life. So, we’re not going to be able to fit it in here. However, we can touch on some of the coolest moments of the show.

Trace on Doing the Music He Wants to Do

While talking about how long he has been in the country music business, Trace Adkins said that he doesn’t know what to attribute his longevity to. However, he said, “I’ve done what I wanted to do, did the songs I wanted to do, made the albums I wanted to make, and did the music I wanted to make, and just stuck around.”

That brought Marty Smith to the real question. “You say right there, ‘I wrote what I wanted, I sang what I wanted, I did what I wanted.’ What’s the challenge of doing that in [Nashville]?”

Trace Adkins said “Well, you have to walk that fine line, ya know. You have to make decisions via committee in certain circumstances. You have to be willing to compromise with the people at the record label…” He went on to say that keeping an open mind when talking to record label suits is key. However, he added that no matter how many focus groups or statistics they threw his way, he always maintained veto power. About that, he said, “It’s my face on the front of the album cover, it’s my voice on the record.” So, he would listen to what the label had to say. But, if he didn’t like what they said he would follow through with what he wanted to do. He had the final say.

That didn’t always work out for Trace Adkins. However, after 25 years, it’s hard to say that his formula didn’t work. If you want to hear about how sticking to his guns came back to bite him, you’ll have to listen to the podcast.

Trace Adkins Talks About Country Radio

While talking about why he and his producers believe that he’s at the top of his game on the new record, Trace Adkins brought up country radio. “After 25 years, I’ve finally figured this thing out and I’m doing the best work of my career and nobody gives a sh-t.”

Marty cut in to let Trace know that he was wrong about that. However, Trace Adkins said he believes it but he’s not too bent out of shape about it. “That’s cool, man. I’ve had my turn at-bat. I had the radio thing and I was getting played on the radio… I’m not saying I can’t get played on the radio anymore, but I haven’t for the last few years.”

Marty asked why Trace Adkins thought that. He gave an honest answer. “It’s the flavor of the month, man, unless you’ve established yourself rarified air up there of superstardom. Those guys up there get the hall pass. They can do whatever they want and they can ride that thing into the sunset. But, if you don’t reach that, you’ve got to fight for it all the way and that’s cool with me.”

Tune in for More

If you want to hear Trace Adkins talk about how he got Snoop Dogg on his new record or how working in the oil fields shaped his current career, or anything else, you’ll have to tune in below. Or, you can scroll up and watch the video podcast. If you want to hear straight talk from Trace about his life and the music business, you don’t want to miss this one.

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