The Marty Smith Podcast #13 – Luke Combs

by Clayton Edwards

History will remember Luke Combs as one of the most successful artists of this generation. In his relatively brief career so far, Combs has released twelve singles. Eleven of those have gone to the top of Billboard‘s Country Airplay chart. The twelfth single, “Cold as You,” dropped at the end of July. So, it is currently working its way to the top. His debut album, This One’s for You, sat at the top of the Top Country Albums chart for fifty straight weeks. In short, he’s a hit-making mastermind with a legion of fans around the world.

If you’ve ever wondered what Luke Combs is like as a person, you’re in luck. His appearance on The Marty Smith Podcast was incredibly revealing.

Highlights from Marty Smith’s Conversation with Luke Combs

One of the first things you realize about Luke Combs is that he’s incredibly humble.

Marty wanted to know how Luke achieved such historic success in the music world. He replied, “Sometimes you just get lucky. I mean, obviously, I worked at it, but there’s a ton of luck involved I think, in anybody that has success. Anybody that tells you otherwise is lying, I think.” He then elaborates on that statement. Combs said that if anybody truly had the music business figured out, there would be a playbook for upcoming artists. There isn’t. It is during this part of the conversation that Combs drops a hilarious NFL hot take.

Luke Combs did discuss how he started. Ten years ago, he decided to pick up the guitar and learn to play. The way he approached the instrument epitomizes how he approaches his career. “I didn’t pick it up and go, ‘Oh man, I’d like to be Garth Brooks.’ That’s an unrealistic goal.” So, he started by learning to play one chord at a time. He took small steps down a road that led to big places. Today, Combs says, he still takes small steps. The only thing that has changed is the level he is on. His approach remains the same.

At the end of the day, Luke Combs isn’t worried about staying at the top. “Writing good songs and having people like my songs is what I really care about.”

Luke Is Just a Normal Guy

The major takeaway from this interview is the fact that Combs hasn’t let his success go to his head. Marty Smith mentioned that Luke Combs is just a regular guy. To which Luke replied, “I Super Glued these shoes back together,” while pointing to his beat-up footwear.

Luke Combs added that his circle of friends and family help him stay grounded. “The people in my super close circle aren’t afraid to challenge me on a creative idea, or a song that I’ve written, or something that I want to record. Everybody is still okay with going, ‘I don’t think that’s the best idea, man.’”

If you want to hear about Luke Combs’ first gig, how he trains his voice, and how he met his wife, and so much more, you’ll have to listen to the full podcast.

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