The Marty Smith Podcast: 2-Time Super Bowl Champion Chris Long Is the Water Expert We Didn’t Know We Needed

by Jonathan Howard

On the latest episode of The Marty Smith Podcast, Chris Long sat down with the guys and talked about… fancy drinking water? The two-time Super Bowl Champ has a lot to tell people about fitness and taking care of your body. Not only is Long a great follow on Twitter, but he’s also a great podcast guest that is ready to tell folks everything he knows about bottled waters.

So, you could argue that this entire thing started with Marty popping off on Twitter. You know how he’s always throwing out those hot takes… okay maybe not all the time. However, he did this time. “Water is water” is basically what he offered up for the masses to debate about. And Chris did not take that kindly.

The former Philadelphia Eagles star was quick to chime in on the awful mistake that Marty made.

“Here’s the thing Marty, and I’m a big fan of yours too man. So, I wanted to help a guy out that I have a lot of respect for. You know, it’s just dangerous, it’s a dangerous narrative that all water tastes the same. … I’d say you’re about 130 pounds of water. 110 pounds of water. So, you’re not just pumping Aquafina in that engine, you talk about race cars a lot, right? The fuel matters.,” Long explained to Wes and Marty.

“We’re not talking about Deer Park here. Put some Acqua Panna in that bad boy,” he continued, laughing. “You know no one’s going to call you bougie. It’s not going to ruin your image. Liquid Death still looks kinda tough but it’s upper-class water dude. Invest in that 70% of your body, Marty, that you run on every day, it’s water.”

So, Outsiders, you need to change up your water game? Or are you already on the Liquid Death train? That’s the question.

The Marty Smith Podcast Murders Their Thirst

It turns out that Marty was a little misleading with his tweet. He has drank some of those fancy waters, including Liquid Death. The slogan for the company is “murder your thirst” and apparently, the Outsider podcast host has already done that once before.

Marty admitted to getting into the canned water and how much it changed his mind about bottled and packaged waters.

However, that’s not even the best part. Chris Long takes his water seriously. Not just for what he puts into his own body, but he also wants others to have access to good, clean drinking water. With his foundation, Waterboys, the former NFL player and others have targeted communities that need water around the world. Getting clean, sustainable water to places that need it – what’s better than that?

Visit the site to learn more.

If a professional athlete like Chris is saying to change up the water you put in your body, then you gotta do it, right? There are some waters that taste like plastic and then others that taste like metal. But, those high-end deals…they taste like “you milked a cloud,” according to the Super Bowl champ.

To catch the rest of The Marty Smith Podcast with Chris Long, go to Spotify or wherever you find your podcasts. It’s one you don’t want to miss.