The Marty Smith Podcast: Ashley Cooke Explains Why She’s a Proud Jeep Wrangler Owner

by Hannah Heser

On a recent podcast episode with Outsider’s Marty Smith and Wes Blankenship, country artist Ashley Cooke joined in. They covered so much excitement in 25 minutes. During the show, Smith asked Cooke about her Jeep. “What kind of Jeep you got?” Without hesitation, Cooke replied with, “I got a 2014 black lifted Jeep wrangler.”

Shortly after, Cooke asked Smith if he’s ever heard of the Ducking things. “No, I have not. What is that?” Smith asked.

“Oh my gosh,” Cooke told Outsider. “Y’all don’t have jeeps?” “My wife is a jeep person and she does this thing too, but I don’t know about ducking,” Smith admitted. “What’s that?” Then, he revealed that she has a Jeep Wrangler and Cooke goes on to explain what exactly ducking is.

“Okay!” Cooke exclaimed. “Now you’ll know if this happens to you because it freaked me out when it happened to me for the first time. Some people who are jeep drivers put like rubber duckies on jeeps.”

Smith chimed in and said that he has, in fact seen that before. Then, Cooke goes on to explain it more. “Yeah, it’s called ducking,” Cooke revealed. “I don’t really know why it happens or what the purpose of the rubber ducky is. But they put a duck on your car and you get ducked. It’s part of like the Jeep culture thing.”

Soon after, Blankenship said he didn’t realize that Jeep didn’t have this whole underground thing going on. And Smith explained more about it. “These are your hardcore Jeep people,” he said. They got this weird thing they do when you pass one. You do this thing right here and if you don’t, you’re snobby or clueless, one of the two.”

Ashley Cooke Reveals More Facts About Jeeps

As you continue listening to this episode of the Marty Smith podcast, you’ll hear Ashley Cooke reveal a few more facts about Jeeps.

“Also there’s etiquette on who does it first,” Cooke said. “So like if, this is so stupid and I don’t know why I know this, but if your jeep is lifted and has some aftermarket stuff on it then you’re supposed to initiate the jeep wave first when it’s compared to somebody that does a stop.”

“Ashley wow. If you have aftermarket stuff, does that mean you’re more invested in your wrangler than the guy who has the stock?” Smith asked.

“I think so!” she said. “I think Jeep people are going to come after me for saying this, but I really think that’s like a thing.”

All in all, Cooke’s passion for Jeep wranglers and the music industry is very inspiring. Hopefully we’ll see her skyrocket in the country music world one of these days because she is well on her way.