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The Marty Smith Podcast: Ashley Cooke Takes Look Back at Start of Her Career

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Keith Griner/Getty Images)

Outsider’s Marty Smith and Wes Blankenship sat down with country star, Ashley Cooke. During the podcast, they discussed everything from Jeep Wranglers to the start of her music career.

Furthermore, Cooke got her start from TikTok and the 615 House. A lot of up-and-coming artists joined her on this journey. They include Alexandra Kay, Spencer Crandall, Cooper Alan, Priscilla Block, and more. Last year, the country artist dropped her first album, Already Drank That Beer – Side A. These songs helped boost her career and landed her an opportunity to open up for Cole Swindell on the Down to the Bar tour.

Now, let’s take a look at what Cooke said about the start of her career.

Ashley Cooke Was Asked to Look Back on the Start of Her Career

Marty Smith took a second to ask Ashley Cooke what made her want to partake in a music career. “From everything that I’ve learned as I’ve studied, it seems like you didn’t grow up around a whole lot of country music based on where you grew up. So, at what point did you know you had to do this?”

Shortly after, Cooke admits that this question is always a hard one for her to answer.

“Man it’s always a hard question because I’ve been in music since I was 11-years-old,” Cooke revealed. “I lived in California for a little while in my life and I was surrounded by the entertainment industry and so I kind of got into it at a young age. But country music, specifically my parents were never into it. They always respected it, but it wasn’t their biggest thing.”

Next, the “Already Drank That Beer” singer dives deeper into her songwriting.

“I just started writing songs when I was younger,” Cooke said. “And I started to notice that country music has such a storyteller environment in it that I just naturally fell into the country music world. And I fell in love with the songwriting and storytelling of that.”

Then, she explained how TikTok and her songwriting opened up doors for her.

“So around 11 is when I started,” she explained. “I think I decided to really take a step as a career full-time, nothing else when I was a senior in college, so like 21-years-old.”

Afterward, the podcast host asked Cooke about the first song she ever wrote. Following that response, she reveals that her first song was titled, “Cheerios.”

“It’s called Cheerios and the hook was like, ‘Be a fruit loop in a roll of cheerios,” Cooke said.

The Rising Country Artist Joins Cole Swindell & Travis Denning on Tour

Cole Swindell’s Down to the Bar tour with Travis Denning and Ashley Cooke has officially begun. They kicked off the tour on February 17 in Peoria, Illinois, and will end it in Portland, Indiana on July 15.

If you want to party with Cole, Ashley, and Travis, purchase tickets for any of the selective dates here.