The Marty Smith Podcast: Ashley McBryde Details How She Almost Died in a Horse Accident

by Jonathan Howard

Earlier this week on The Marty Smith Podcast, Ashley McBryde revealed some new details her horse accident from last year. The incident left the country singer-songwriter in a bad way for some time. However, she’s been able to recover in the time since. It is an absolutely wild story and something you Outsiders are going to enjoy.

“I got hurt real bad this last year, in September,” McBryde explained. “Was in a bad horse accident. The horse bolted, and I had just switched horses and we didn’t change stirrups. So, I lost a stirrup, when she bolted. She’s a beautiful horse, I check on her all the time. Was not her fault. I fell and suffered a really bad head injury and they had to do CPR and all that stuff.”

An accident on a horse can turn scary real quick. When you’re dealing with an animal of that size, caution and care are of the utmost importance. That’s one of the takeaways that McBryde had. She was back out on the road and on the stage paying again just days after the accident. That wasn’t something that she should have done either. Soon, she found out she had broken bones in her pelvis.

“As much time as it would have cost us and as much as a pain in the ass it would have been, to spend 10 minutes fixing those stirrups,” she continued. “Safety first is no joke because the amount of time it takes you to recover from that injury is just so much more expensive and so much more taxing on everything.”

Ashley McBryde Planning Tattoo of Horse Accident

Of course, all lessons and big life moments should be remembered in their own special ways. So, this moment will forever live on. While she was talking to Marty, Ashley McBryde mentioned that she would commemorate the horse accident. Everyone knows she is no stranger to ink. So, she has a whole new tattoo planned for later this month.

“In April down the side of my right thigh will be a woman being thrown off of a horse,” she said.

If you catch McBryde out on stage with some new ink, then don’t be surprised. She went through a lot after that accident. She was hurt really bad and had to have CPR done. That’s not a little fall or anything like that. The country singer made it through to the other side, though. And now, will forever have a tattoo to memorialize this time in her life.

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