The Marty Smith Podcast: Atlanta Braves Star Austin Riley Shares His 3 Favorite Country Music Singers

by Chris Haney

This week, we were lucky enough to have Atlanta Braves’ third baseman Austin Riley stop by The Marty Smith Podcast. Of course, the guys chatted with Riley about all things baseball, including the Braves winning the World Series last season, his new contract, and more. But since we’re huge country music fans at Outsider and on the podcast, and so is Riley, host Marty Smith took a left turn from sports talk and asked about some of his favorite artists.

Like Smith shares during the episode, he was born and raised in the South, and he’s proud of it. Many of us at Outsider can relate, and so can Austin Riley. The 25-year-old All-Star grew up in a small town in Mississippi and still lives in his hometown every offseason. Like so many others who grew up in the South, country music is a big part of Riley’s life.

Many of his Atlanta teammates choose to play country music as their walk-up songs when heading to the plate. While Riley is currently still walking out to wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin’s entrance music, he’s still got a deep love for the genre. The Marty Smith Podcast hosts put Riley on the spot with a difficult question when making him choose his Top 3 country artists.

“You get to listen to three country artists the rest of your career, who are they?” Smith asked.

“That’s a tough one,” Riley admitted.

“You will not get asked a more difficult question the rest of the 2022 season than that one,” Smith said.

George StraitLuke Combs, and Hank Williams Jr.,” Riley answered on The Marty Smith Podcast.

“I mean that’s a pretty damn good trio, Bubba,” Smith said, approving of Riley’s choices.

“Yea, I think that’s pretty solid there,” Riley said.

Somehow ‘The Marty Smith Podcast’ Host Asks Austin Riley an Even Tougher Country Music Question

Although we thought Marty Smith had already hit Austin Riley with the toughest question of the day, we were wrong. Somehow, without even realizing it, Marty hurled an even tougher follow-up question Riley’s way that stumped our guest at first.

“What’s Strait’s best song?” the host of The Marty Smith Podcast asked Riley.

“Ooooo,” Riley said knowing that’s a nearly impossible question to tackle.

“I actually just said you wouldn’t get asked a more difficult question in 2022 and I lied,” Smith joked.

“[George Strait’s] got about 500 No. 1s to pick from, so…,” co-host Wes Blankenship added.

While it’s always hard to be put on the spot, that’s especially the case when you’re having to narrow down Strait’s massive catalog to only one “best song.” All things considered, Riley likely had the right answer – all of them.

“‘Troubador’ is a good one, I like ’em all,” Austin Riley responded. “They just, you know, I think between him and Luke Combs, they just don’t write a bad song.”

Marty Smith talks to Austin Riley about that and so much more on the newest episode of the podcast. Make sure to watch The Marty Smith Podcast in its entirety in the video above, or listen to the episode on Spotify, Apple, or wherever else you listen to your favorite podcasts.