The Marty Smith Podcast #18 – Casey Beathard

by Clayton Edwards

You may not know Casey Beathard’s name, but you know his work. He’s the man behind some of the biggest hits in modern country music. The two-time BMI Songwriter of the Year has penned songs for Eric Church, Kenny Chesney, Trace Adkins, and several others. If you’ve cast your cares away while cranking Chesney’s “No Shoes No Shirt No Problems,” or felt like Church was telling your story with “Hell of a View,” you’ve enjoyed Beathard’s work.

Recently, Casey Beathard joined Marty Smith at Outsider Studios to talk about his journey, his songwriting, and more.

Highlights from Casey Beathard’s Conversation with Marty Smith

Casey Beathard is one of the most prominent songwriters in Nashville today. However, football is in his blood. His father is former NFL general manager Bobby Beathard and his son is Jaguars QB C.J. Beathard. So, naturally, their conversation started with football. Beathard told Marty all about what it was like growing up surrounded by some of the biggest names in the game.

Despite Casey Beathard’s football lineage, he knew he was done with the game before he finished his time on the field in college. This gave him time and passion to walk down the path that led him here. Beathard talked about the beginning of his songwriting career. “I had always been a writer and expresser of my feelings, a letter writer… story maker-upper,” he told Smith. He also learned to play guitar. The combination of those elements just seemed natural to him. However, he never saw songwriting as a realistic career. It was just something he loved to do.

So, he got a job selling beepers. That didn’t work out. However, when he wasn’t working, he told Marty, he was playing in bars in Virginia. At one point, someone in the bar told him he should go to Nashville and try to make it. He had never been to Music City, but six months later, he loaded up and drove there.

He arrived with a thousand bucks and a dream. Eventually, Casey Beathard landed a job in the Country Music Hall of Fame’s gift shop. While working there, he met a young, beautiful tour guide. Not long after that, they tied the knot and started a family. Things were going well. However, the moment that sealed things for Beathard was when his songs made enough money to pay off a house and a piece of land. It wasn’t the money that sealed it for him, though. It was the pride in his father’s voice when Casey told him about the milestone.

To hear Casey Beathard talk about working with Eric Church and Kenney Chesney and hear him tell the rest of his story, including how he carried on after his son Clay’s 2019 murder, you’ll have to tune in to the full episode of the podcast.

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