The Marty Smith Podcast: Chase Elliott Talks Hometown Win in Atlanta, Chats About Trending Mustaches and Mullets

by Chris Haney

If you’re a NASCAR fan, we’ve got the show for you this week. The Marty Smith Podcast is back with another brand new episode, and we’re welcoming NASCAR Cup Series champion Chase Elliott to the show to talk about his career and much more.

As always though, our co-hosts Marty Smith and Wes Blankenship chopped it up with producer Travis Rockhold to start the podcast. The guys talk some college football, which is thankfully gearing up and on the way soon. In fact, Marty is attending SEC Media Days next week, so we’re sure there’s much more college football talk on the way soon.

Next up, everyone chimes in on another favorite topic on the podcast – country music. Friend of the program and country superstar Luke Combs just released his latest album a few weeks back. Combs’ third studio album Growin’ Up has already topped the charts once again after its June 24th release. As everyone chats about the album, they also share each of their favorite songs.

Then, the man of the hour joins the show as Chase Elliott opens up about taking the checkered flag this past weekend at his home track in Atlanta. He speaks further about his team’s momentum going forward this season after the win. Plus, the guys and Chase get into an amusing conversation about mustaches and mullets. We’ve got that and so much more for you this week on The Marty Smith Podcast.

Chase Elliott Chats About Mustaches and Mullets Coming Back In Style On ‘The Marty Smith Podcast’

“I mean we gotta start with whatever in the hell has grown on your upper lip,” host Marty Smith joked about Chase Elliott’s mustache as soon as their interview began.

“Hey, I’ve had mixed reviews,” Elliott admitted about his stache dividing opinions. “I didn’t really know if it was gonna stick around, but after our performance Sunday I feel like I might have to keep it.”

The guys on The Marty Smith Podcast are big fans of the recent summer blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick. The hit Tom Cruise sequel has aided in the recent trend of men growing out their mustaches. And Wes, who recently shaved his own stache, wanted to know if Top Gun inspired Elliott’s lip fur.

“I feel like staches are in right now. And I think a lot of that comes from Top Gun,” Elliott answered. “I had my – I don’t know that I’d call it a beard – but I had my facial hair grown out. Whatever that means here lately. And I just felt like the opportunity was there if I was gonna do it, I was gonna do it. I got to shaven, and I left [the mustache] on there and I was like, I think I’m ready to start flyin. I think I’m ready to go hop in an F-16 and get after it.”

As the guys continued their amusing facial hair conversation, the subject shifted to another trend – mullets. The business up front, party in the back haircut is back from the 1980s in full force. And that’s in large part due to country star Morgan Wallen. While host Marty Smith thinks mustaches and mullets should’ve been left in 1982, Elliott is all for their recent resurgence.

“Yea, and I’m okay with it. I feel like I missed my time anyway. So I’m just trying to bring it back. I wasn’t around in the ’80s, but I kinda wish I was to be honest,” Chase Elliott said of the trends.

That said, fans of the No. 9 Chevrolet who want Elliott to grow out a mullet shouldn’t get too excited. He’s more of a stache guy than he is a mullet guy.

“To be honest with you, I’m just not much on the mullet game, I’m really not,” Elliott shared. “I can get behind the mustache operation, but the mullet deal I think that’s a stretch for me, personally… But for me, eh, I’m just not sure it’s my game.”

“Your sponsors just let out a huge sigh of relief,” co-host Wes Blankenship hilariously added.

The No. 9 Driver Opens Up About His Hometown Win at Atlanta Motor Speedway

On Sunday afternoon, the NASCAR Cup Series rolled into Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Quaker State 400. 26-year-old Chase Elliott is off to another hot start this season as he earned his third victory of the 2022 season this weekend. He leads the series in wins so far and sits in first place atop the current standings. Yet this Sunday’s race meant a bit more than usual trips to Victory Lane.

Chase was born and raised about an hour outside of Atlanta in Dawsonville, Georgia. As the son of 1988 Winston Cup Series champion Bill Elliott, he’s been around the sport his whole life. He’s definitely got the pedigree for racing, but he’s now carving out his own legendary career, and his Atlanta checkered flag is another notch in his belt. Host Marty Smith has known Chase and his dad for years, so he knew how much winning down the road from his hometown would mean to the driver.

“What are the emotions now that you’ve had a minute to sit there and go, ‘I have won at home?'” Smith asked.

“For me, I’ve watched other drivers over the years win at their home tracks,” Chase Elliott said on The Marty Smith Podcast. “Racing’s different, right? It’s not like you have home games and away games. But I guess that’s kinda as close as a home game as you get.”

“I’ve watched that happen, and you can always kinda recognize when something means a lot to someone,” Elliott continued. “But I’m not sure you fully understand it until you get in the arena and you go to battle at a place that’s literally an hour from my house. You show up to the track, and I don’t know what the percentage of people wearing 9 hats was, but it was a lot. A lot more than you normally see. So when you feel like it’s a home game, it just has a special meaning to you.”

The guys talk to Chase Elliott about that and much more on the newest episode of The Marty Smith Podcast. Make sure to check out their entire conversation below, or listen to the full interview on Spotify, Apple, or wherever else you listen to your favorite podcasts.