The Marty Smith Podcast: Country Star Jordan Davis Talks LSU Tigers Football, Chats About His College Days in Baton Rouge

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage)

Earlier this week, country music star Jordan Davis took some time out of his day to join The Marty Smith Podcast. Of course, our listeners know that Marty works for ESPN and covers plenty of SEC football. Therefore it was inevitable that the pair would talk about Jordan’s LSU Tigers during their conversation.

The 34-year-old Louisiana native grew up in Shreveport and was raised to be a fan of all things Louisiana State University. He’s been a huge supporter of the Tigers football team his whole life. So it was no surprise when he agreed with Marty that LSU’s 2019 national championship team is the greatest college football squad of all time.

“A fanbase that three years ago had what in my opinion is the greatest college football team ever. That 2019 team was just stupid,” host Marty Smith said to his guest.

“I agree. It was ridiculous,” Jordan Davis responded on The Marty Smith Podcast.

However, as an alumnus and lifelong fan, it’s been a rough year for Jordan’s beloved LSU Tigers. They’ve got a new head coach in Brian Kelly and it may take some time for him to implement his system.

“And I think that’s another reason why it’s really hard right now to be an LSU fan. It’s because we saw what was there in 2019,” Jordan added. “But we have to be where we’re at. And where we’re at right now is a team with a lot of talent and a really good football coach. And we just gotta let that play out.”

“I don’t care what our win total is,” he added. “I just hope that with every week, Coach Kelly gets more comfortable, and we see some progress through a lot of this young talent.”

Jordan Davis Chats About His Days Attending LSU

As their conversation continued on The Marty Smith Podcast, our host wanted to know more about Jordan Davis’ connection to LSU. Marty knew Jordan went to college at LSU, so he simply asked, “What was your experience like at LSU?”

“Five and a half of the best years of my life,” Jordan Davis hilariously answered, which got a big laugh out of Marty.

“Hey, man. Don’t knock the five and a half-year strategy,” Marty said. “That’s a good plan in my mind.”

As mentioned, Jordan was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. As he explained, “since day one we were Tigers fans.” He shared that his main goal throughout middle and high school was to earn his way into LSU for college. Once the university accepted him, and he arrived on campus, he said it “lived up to everything” he could’ve imagined.

“You get down there and it lived up to everything,” Jordan recalled. “Not just the… as y’all both know, Saturdays in Death Valley are special. But [all] sports down there are special. The basketball program, baseball at Alex Box [Stadium]. As a sports fan, there was always something there with such a passionate fanbase that I loved.”

LSU Means the World to Jordan Davis

But the Baton Rouge university meant much more than just sports to Jordan Davis. His college years benefited him tremendously, just like they do for so many other students at that age. Jordan started to figure out life and came into his own while at LSU.

“Not to mention that the university is something that I hold near and dear to my heart,” Jordan continued. “I feel like I grew up a lot just as a man at LSU, I met some lifelong friends. I just hold it in such a… it’s such a special place to me. Not just the amazing football seasons I was there for. But the school, the people I met, it’s a special, special place.”

Host Marty Smith talks to country star Jordan Davis about that and much more on the newest episode. Make sure to check out their full conversation on The Marty Smith Podcast in the video above, or listen on Spotify, Apple, or wherever else you stream your favorite podcasts.