The Marty Smith Podcast: Country Star Randy Rogers Speaks Candidly About Losing His Dad to Cancer and Shares How He Impacted His Life

by Chris Haney

On the newest episode of The Marty Smith Podcast, country music star Randy Rogers sat down for an interview with Marty while he was in Austin, Texas. They spoke at length about Rogers’ 20-year career in music and chatted about the Randy Rogers Band’s upcoming ninth studio album, Homecoming. Yet during one segment of their discussion, the guitarist and lead singer got candid about losing his father to cancer as he talked about the impact his dad had on his life.

Rogers grew up the son of a Baptist preacher in Cleburne, Texas, just south of Fort Worth. At only 6 years old, his grandmother taught him to play the piano, and not long after he picked up a guitar. Music ran in the family, and Rogers’ path to a career in country music began at a very young age in his father’s church.

The lead singer and his dad didn’t have a ton in common when he was a kid, but Texas sports helped them bond. They shared a love for the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and Dallas Stars. They were even in attendance in the nose bleed section for legendary pitcher Nolan Ryan’s 5,000th strikeout. Sadly, Rogers lost his father to cancer in 2020, which host Marty Smith can relate to since he lost his dad when he was 30 years old.

“How did losing him kinda rewrite your normal?” our host asked Randy Rogers on The Marty Smith Podcast.

“For me, it just kickstarted the fire that yes, life is fun and games. But it’s time to get serious about certain things,” the father of three girls shared. “For me it was an awakening. And you know, I think I’m probably a better person.”

Randy Rogers Shares How Supportive His Father Was of His Music Career

As Marty Smith’s conversation with Randy Rogers continued, the country music singer talked more about his father. Not every parent is supportive of their children wanting to be a musician, especially if they’re conservative Baptist ministers. Yet Rogers’ dad fully supported his son’s ambitions.

Growing up in Texas, Rogers started performing in local bars and honky tonks when he was just a teenager. Like so many other great Texas musicians, he first made a name for himself in those local watering holes. Although many in the area frowned on a preacher attending rowdy bar concerts that lasted well into the night, Rogers’ father was steadfast in his support of his son.

“You know, understanding how much he loved me and cared about me and wanted the best for me and supported my career. Even though he was a Baptist preacher, he’d be out there at Billy Bob’s watching my shows,” Rogers explained on The Marty Smith Podcast. “He was there supporting me even though it was frowned upon at certain times for him to be out in a bar on a Saturday night at one in the morning.”

The support Rogers received from his dad is something that’s stayed with him. And that’s something he hopes to learn from as he supports his three daughters in whatever they choose to do when they grow up. The value of those life lessons are generational, and Rogers appreciated them even more after his dad passed away.

Randy Rogers opens up about that and much more in the new episode of The Marty Smith Podcast. Make sure to check out the entire interview in the video above, or tune in on Spotify, Apple, or wherever else you listen to your favorite podcasts.