The Marty Smith Podcast: Drake White Recalls the Best Gumbo He’s Ever Had (Other Than His Wife’s)

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

The Marty Smith Podcast had Drake White stop by. Marty is always chatting with the coolest folks out there, White is definitely up there.

There was a lot to talk about. Once you get two Southern boys chatting it up, there’s no telling how long it could go on for. Especially when the guest is as cool and interesting as this one. Marty Smith chatted with Drake White about one very important topic… gumbo.

Now, everyone knows that wonderful little stew that the cajun and Creole folks of Louisiana have perfected. Get some white rice in the middle, some okra, and whatever meat, seafood, or other fillings you can throw in there. Everyone has a different version they like. However, White knows where his favorite bowl of gumbo was.

Check out the clip below.

“I recently had the best gumbo I’ve ever had and it was in Abita Springs, Louisiana,” the singer admitted. “We went out there to play a festival. Everyone was there rockin’ and rollin’. And… there at LSU games, when you go to an LSU game; Alabama-LSU, or Auburn-LSU, you just walk around and eat some of that stuff. But the best gumbo I’ve had, if my wife’s not cooking it, it was in Abita Springs.”

Now if you want to see Marty Smith and Drake White talking it up some more, then you know where to go. Each Monday there is a brand new episode of The Marty Smith Podcast. Of course, we are always going to bring you the clips, funny moments, and questions between Marty and Wes and all of the great guests that come through.

Of course, Marty and Drake talked about more serious things as well, not just Creole cuisine.

Marty Smith and Drake White Talk ‘Mysterious’ Time For Singer

In 2019, White was on stage performing. Then, everything just stopped. He didn’t know what was happening. No one knew, really. Marty Smith sat and listened to Drake White detail his on-stage brain bleed and stroke.

“Right in the middle of the show,” the singer said. “Dead, basically dead in the middle.” It was a moment where he was almost helpless. No one knew really what the future looked like for White.

“A stoke is just different, man. Nobody knows about the brain,” White explained to Marty. “Through that mystery, remaining optimistic through that mystery is true optimism.” That’s basically a superpower if you can stay upbeat during a time like that. Just pure guts and determination.

So, Marty Smith and Drake White… what do you think Outsiders? Is this someone that should be a guest again in the future? Marty has a Rolodex full of all kinds of names. No one knows who will pop up next.