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The Marty Smith Podcast: Dusty Slay Talks Cheering for Both Auburn and Alabama

by TK Sanders

Southern comedian Dusty Slay joined Marty and Wes this week on the Marty Smith Podcast where he admitted a grievous SEC football sin: he cheers for both Alabama and Auburn.

The Opelika native began his confession by explaining that he just flat-out enjoys the state of Alabama and its people.

“I like Alabama, they’re the butt of every joke,” Slay laughed. “I think it’s great, and I had a great time living there.”

Dusty Slay admitted he cheers for both Bama and Auburn on the Marty Smith Podcast, but know how to turn it into a good joke

That’s when Slay let slip that he regularly commits the cardinal sin of college football: thou shalt not cheer for both sides of a rivalry.

“I cheer for Alabama and Auburn and people don’t like that I do it,” Slay said to audible groans and gasps from Marty and Wes. “I grew up going to many Auburn games, but my dad’s a diehard Alabama fan and I can cheer for both.”

Slay did specify that he chooses who to pull for based on who has the most to gain, which arguably makes the offense even more grievous.

“If they’re playing each other, and one has the chance to go to the National Championship, that’s who I’m pulling for, ya know?” Slay said to mostly concerned looks from Marty and Wes. “There’s a lot of Auburn fans who aren’t so much Auburn fans but ‘I hate Alabama’ fans. I always say that where I come from, you’re either an Alabama fan, or you went to college.”

“But I didn’t go to college, so Roll Tide, you know what I mean?” Slay said to a round of laughter from the group.

“My mom always says, ‘You know those Alabama fans didn’t even go to that school,’ but my mom, being an Auburn fan, also didn’t go to Auburn,” Slay laughed. “So we’re all just out here talking trash.”

In the South, everyone is family, but also a college football rival

Marty jumped in with a smile, encouraging Slay to add more of that rivalry banter to his standup routine.

“Anytime you’re talking about SEC football fans, there are reams of jokes that you could share,” Marty chimed in. Wes agreed, adding that every single SEC school has something a good comic can make light of when it comes to football in the South.

“I just did a theater in Atlanta with 4,800 people,” Slay explained, “and I said ‘my dad lives in Alabama,’ and half the audience started booing me just because he lives there! And then I did that same joke about Alabama fans not going to college and that place went nuts. I mean it lit up like you’ve never seen. And then I did the second part of the joke, where I tell them I didn’t go to college. And it just pulls the rug out from under them. I love it.”