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The Marty Smith Podcast: ESPN’s Matt Barrie and Marty Talk Preparations for The Masters and College Football Broadcasts

by Suzanne Halliburton

You’d think everyone in Augusta wants to talk golf this week. But Marty Smith, with guest Matt Barrie, also chatted about some other cool topics during Smith’s weekly podcast.

Smith and cohost Wes Blankenship recorded the podcast in front of a live audience at Savannah River Brewing Co. in Augusta, Ga. And while everyone in town was there for golf, folks in the audience quizzed Smith and Barrie about prep work.

Yes, to make it all look so effortless, those who cover these big events need to know all the details. It might look glamorous, but there are days you hope no one sees the eyebags. (Smith will explain about a lack of sleep).

So going live straight from the brewery, here’s Marty Smith and Matt Barrie talking how much work is needed before any event starts.

“In this job, we talk about this often,” Smith says as he points to Matt Barrie. “We’re so full of gratitude to get to do it. It’s ridiculous that we get to do it. I never forsake that, but also, we’re extremely neurotic about preparation. (You) never want to be in a situation where you’re never prepared for anything. And when you’re hopping from the SEC Basketball Tournament, straight to golf.”

Then Smith ticks off his next few assignments after he leaves Augusta.

“I’ve got the NFL Draft next, then F1, then we go to the PGA championships, so it’s boom, boom, boom. It’s a lot of names. So you spend a lot of time on names on a chart.”

“I want a list of faces for everybody playing in the Par 3 (contest) and go study that. So when they go to the first tee, on Wednesday, I know where this guy’s from, who his kids are, what his wife’s name is. It’s all about preparation. And something has to suffer. We also like to drink cold beer. So sleep is what suffers.”

Then Barrie offers his take. During the fall, he’s the in-studio host for ESPN’s College Football show. And he also calls Thursday games. This is what he’s got going on after he leaves the Masters. “I’ve now moved on to Alabama, because I’m covering the Alabama spring game next week, USC game after that. You always work ahead.”

Smith layers on more details. “Once we get here, the Par 3 thing notwithstanding because I don’t know everybody’s wife’s name or everybody’s children’s names. But I want to have that at my disposal. When they’re walking up to the tee if I want to interview Bobby or his little boy, I want to go ‘Bobby, what did your dad make you for breakfast today?’ It’s very fluid, but it’s imperative that we have those repetitions.”

Want more repetition? Grab a cold beer and check out more of this week’s Marty Smith podcast with special guest Matt Barrie below. You can also check out the Masters scores here while you listen.