The Marty Smith Podcast: Frank Caliendo Reveals Which Impressions He’s Working on Now

by Samantha Whidden

Earlier this week, legendary comedian Frank Caliendo made a special appearance on The Marty Smith Podcast to discuss which impressions he is currently working on. 

While chatting on The Marty Smith Podcast, Frank Caliendo admits that there isn’t a specific impression that he’s working on. “I mean, there’s always people. I don’t work on a ton of that so much anymore. Because I’ve done so much of it. People are like, ‘Who is the next football coach?’ Like, haven’t I done that? I feel like I’ve done so much of it.”

Frank Caliendo also tells Marty Smith that there are younger guys out there doing impressions. He also mentions what he wants to do in the future. “And I’m just like, ‘Man, I just want to audition for small movies and stuff.”

Along with chatting with Marty Smith, Frank Caliendo also shared his thoughts about impersonating Smith., “You articulate every single work. You have the Southern drawl and the articulation.”

Frank Caliendo is best known for his impressions on the Fox Network series MadTV. He also performed his impersonations on his own TV show, Frank TV. Caliendo has also released six solo CDs and had shows in Los Vegas for two years.  

Frank Caliendo Shares With Marty Smith Why Impressions Are Funny 

While continuing his chat on The Marty Smith Podcast, Frank Caliendo explains why impressions are so funny. “In terms of why it is funny, I think because it’s mostly the fish out of water situation. And that’s why analysts and sports analysts are so easy to do material with. You just take everyday situations and then describe them.”

Frank Caliendo then used the late John Madden describing someone eating a hot dog as an example. “They’re doing it in-game. And you know [John] Madden used to do it during the games. He’d go, ‘That guy’s got a hot dog right there. He’s put the hot dog in the bun. In Chicago, you can’t even put ketchup on that thing. You put ketchup on it, they kick you. I mean, that’s a mustard city!”

Frank Caliendo also shared the differences between impersonations and impressions. “You call it impersonation. I don’t think of it as impersonation. I think impersonation actually is boring. If you do impersonation and you just try to sound like a person, it’s done after a short amount of time. You get maybe 30 seconds out of it.”

However, Caliendo has a different view on impressions. “It’s what you caricature. And make it an impression. It’s my own vernacular here. It’s my own way of thinking about it. But the impression, you blow something up a little bit.”

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