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The Marty Smith Podcast: Hawaii, Hangover Cures, and Talking Gumbo With Drake White

by Chase Thomas

It’s Monday, folks, so you know that means. The latest episode of The Marty Smith Podcast has dropped into your favorite podcast app. On this week’s edition of the program, Marty talks to his co-host Wes Blankenship about hangover cures, Hawaii, and much more. However, Marty brings on a special guest in country music star Drake White.

Drake reveals a lot in the interview with Marty. One of the things the guys talk about is how White describes this point in his career as a “mysterious” point in his life. Marty is curious what White means by that. White tells Marty about what happened right in the middle of one of his shows where he says, “Right in the middle of the show. Dead, basically dead in the middle.” It was obviously a scary moment for the country music star, as his left side was paralyzed as a result of a brain hemorrhage.

“A stroke is just different, man. Nobody knows about the brain,” Drake tells Marty. It was a “mysterious” time for Drake because he was always a glass-half-full kind of guy. This medical emergency and situation tested him. “Through that mystery, remaining optimistic through that mystery is true optimism,” White said.

Drake and Marty also talk about how the former is wired. How one spends their time matters, and Drake White thinks a lot about that. For instance, Drake likes to golf, but if someone asks him to go play, which takes a lot of time, he considers how he’ll be when he gets back home to his wife. What kind of energy he is bringing back into the home. So, he is very selective about how who he surrounds himself with at this point in his life.

Marty & Wes on Going to Concerts

To kick off the program, though, Marty is joined by his co-host Wes Blankenship. The first thing the fellas talk about is Wes’s Hawaiian shirt. However, Wes actually got it in Hawaii, he tells Marty. Then, the guys get into Marty’s excursion to an Eric Church concert in Charlotte and his rules for attending them.

Marty wants to just enjoy the show. He does not want to have to follow any sort of itinerary and would prefer to just go with the flow. He also loves to FaceTime when he’s having a good time at the show, which prompts Wes to tell the hilarious story about how back at his Georgia days in 2011 a buddy of his actually came up with the idea for Snapchat, but the guys swatted it down as something that would not catch on.

They also hit on a multitude of other topics that you can listen to on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.