The Marty Smith Podcast: John Force Talks Racing Family Tree, Possible Third Generation of Drag Racers

by Chris Haney

As the most famous driver in the history of drag racing, 16-time NHRA champion John Force has made his mark on the sport in more ways than one. He’s also a 21-time champion as owner of John Force Racing, and most of his family is involved with the sport as well. During his appearance this week on The Marty Smith Podcast, the driver opened up about his racing family tree, which includes four daughters that followed in their father’s footsteps.

The podcast’s co-hosts are each girl dads themselves, so they had a certain familiarity with John Force’s family dynamic. Host Marty Smith asked the 73-year-old driver about each of his daughters getting into racing. “There’s nothing cooler as a parent than when your children have passion for your passion, and you can share that together as a bond. And your girls, they chased your passion. What’s it like as a girl dad to see them fire off at 300 mph?” Smith asked Force.

“First off, let me clarify. It wasn’t me that couldn’t have sons. It was the water in Yorba Linda, [California],” John Force joked about the original home base for his race team. After the three girl dads shared a laugh, Force opened up about how involved everyone in his family are in the racing community. In fact, most of his daughters still drive or work alongside their father in some capacity.

John Force has four daughters – Adria, Ashley, Brittany, and Courtney. Each followed in their dad’s footsteps in some form, with three of them actually getting behind the wheel of dragsters themselves. In fact, Brittany Force is currently sitting atop of the NHRA Top Fuel Dragster standings six races into the 2022 season. Further, in 2017, she became only the second woman ever to win the Top Fuel championship, which was a first in 35 years. However, their racing family tree extends much further than that.

John Force Breaks Down His Racing Family Tree

Past Brittany Force who is still competing at a high level in the NHRA, her dad shared about the rest of his family as well. His oldest daughter, Adria, from his first marriage out of high school runs John Force Racing. The famous racer had more jokes when saying that Adria “runs the company, runs all the money. Hell, I ain’t smart enough, I can’t do all that.”

As for his other three children, all three women became drag racers themselves for at least a while. While Brittany might be the most successful of the bunch, each won races and driver of the year awards.

“So Ashley drove, Courtney drove, and Brittany’s still driving,” John Force explained. “Of course, they’ve all won races. They were all driver of the year, and all that kinda stuff.”

Yet Ashley and Courtney have moved on to other jobs within racing. Ashley drove funny cars, but then switched over to the business side of things with her dad’s company. She runs their John Force Entertainment production company. In addition, Courtney used to drive as well, but her focus is now with her husband and his IndyCar team. Courtney married IndyCar racer Graham Rahal in 2015 and runs the race team’s social media accounts.

Further, John Force has two more son-in-laws involved with racing. Plus, his grandchildren are even getting into the sport. Adria’s 17-year-old daughter, Autumn, is already driving junior dragsters and recently moved up to Super Comp. And Ashley’s two sons are also driving junior dragsters. So yea, racing runs deep in the Force family.

“Maybe there will be a third generation of [Force drag racers]. We’ll see,” John Force said of his grandchildren racing.