The Marty Smith Podcast: Jordan Davis Talks Touring, Playing Golf with Country Star Luke Combs

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage)

This week on The Marty Smith Podcast, country music singer Jordan Davis joined the show and talked about his rise to stardom in Nashville. Like so many others in Music City, it took Davis years to find any success writing and singing songs. But his dedication to his craft eventually paid off. And along with that success came numerous perks, like working with some of the biggest songwriters and artists in the industry.

These days, Jordan Davis has three No. 1 singles to his name, and one of those is a collab with country star Luke Bryan. Yet there’s also some other fun perks outside of the music studio once you reach a certain level of success in Nashville. You get to rub shoulders with some of the town’s biggest stars. Or in Jordan’s case, hang out with and play golf with the likes of Luke Combs.

The host of The Marty Smith Podcast is friends with Combs as well, and knew Davis had been spending some time with the “Beer Never Broke My Heart” singer. “There’s another Luke that you’re kinda hangin’ out with a little bit these days. What about Luke Combs, what’s his influence?” Marty asked.

Jordan first heard Luke Combs perform back in 2010, years before he became arguably the biggest country star around.

“Just blown away by his voice, by his songwriting,” Davis shared about hearing Combs for the first time.

Years later, the Louisiana-born singer would get to know Combs through some mutual friends and songwriters. The pair grew even closer this year as Davis opened up for Combs on his most recent tour.

“Obviously an amazing performer, Entertainer of the Year, songwriter. But what you see with Luke is… he’s that exact same guy that I saw at Georgia Theatre in 2010 that I see every weekend on tour sellin’ out arenas and stadiums. So you love to pull for those guys and you just hope the world for ’em. I’m glad that me and him have become pretty good buddies over these past couple months [touring],” Davis explained.

Jordan Davis On Playing Golf With Luke Combs

As someone who knows Luke Combs fairly well, Marty added to Davis’ thoughts about the North Carolina country singer’s character. Combs is well-known for being humble, especially for someone of his stature in country music.

“He’s the most unaffected famous person I’ve ever met I think. I mean he’s just completely unaffected by it, in any way,” Marty said.

As their conversation continued about Luke Combs though, the discussion turned to sports. This is The Marty Smith Podcast after all, so there’s no surprise there. In fact, Combs is a huge sports fan himself and so is Jordan Davis. The pair bonded on tour over sports and even play golf together, which producer Travis Rockhold had to know who was better on the links.

“Me, but not by much,” Jordan Davis said sharing that he’s got Combs’ number on the golf course. “I think if Luke… he’s close to being a pretty good golfer. He gets really frustrated. Like so frustrated that I have a video of us for 10 minutes trying to get his 6 iron out of a tree. But he’s a pretty good golfer. He just needs a little bit of time on the range.”

The guys talk to Jordan Davis about that and much more on the newest episode of The Marty Smith Podcast. Make sure to check out the entire podcast in the link below, or listen to their full conversation on Spotify, Apple, or wherever else you listen to your favorite podcasts.