The Marty Smith Podcast: Marty Breaks Down Kyle Larson’s Block Squeeze of Teammate Chase Elliott

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

There was a lot of drama on Sunday afternoon at the WISE Power 400. Specifically, how it all unfolded for two teammates in Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott. The former ended up winning the race, but there was a point in the race where Larson block squeezed Elliott out of a big push that eventually led to Larson winning the NASCAR race. Outsider’s Marty Smith opened up about his perspective on the incident in his most recent episode of “The Marty Smith Podcast” with his co-host Wes Blankenship.

Marty said, “I can see why Chase was pissed off. They had a real rough day and they battled all the way to the lead and had the opportunity to be in a position to possibly win a race if it unfolded the proper way for him.” He understood where Elliott’s frustrations were coming from, but also mentioned that Larson said that he did not see Elliott at that moment. Still, Marty understands Elliott’s frustrations as he points out just how competitive these races are and just how difficult they are to win.

Marty Smith Podcast: Wes & Marty Talk Hangovers

To kick things off this edition of the show, Marty and Wes talk about hangovers. The two like to have fun, but they’ve also learned over the years the keys to bouncing back from a fun night out with some friends. Wes tells Marty all about his five-drink rule, but also what he brings out to the bars with him, those Body Armour drinks. Wes tells Marty how downing a couple of those drinks before it’s too late can be the difference to finding oneself with a bad hangover the next day.

Marty also had the opportunity to go see one of his favorites Eric Church perform this past week. However, he tells Wes that he has a different perspective when it comes to concert-going than most folks might suspect. He doesn’t want to be on a schedule and wants to go with the flow and have a good time. If he sees you he sees you, but he is not making a point to go find folks because he just wants to hang out and enjoy the evening. That said, he did reveal to Wes that he does love to FaceTime when he’s had a couple and did so at the show.

The guys also touch on Wes’s college days, and Wes remembered the time that one of his buddies actually came up with the idea for Snapchat while they were all hanging out one day. Naturally, the guys laughed off the idea that something like that would catch on, but it certainly did years later.

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