The Marty Smith Podcast, Masters Tournament Episode: The Significance and Beauty of Amen Corner at Augusta National

by Amy Myers

During the latest episode of the Marty Smith Podcast, Marty and Wes Blankenship took a moment to discuss what they love most about the Masters Tournament. Live from Savannah River Brewing Company, the two discussed the magic of Amen Corner at Augusta National Golf Club.

Amen Corner consists of Nos. 11, 12 and 13 holes at the Masters Tournament. No matter the golfer’s standing or experience on the green, this corner has just about everyone sending a prayer up to the Big Guy before they take their tee shot.

In fact, the 12th hole is so difficult that in 1990, Sports Illustrated‘s Rick Reilly wrote, “More green jackets have been lost at the 12th than at the Augusta City Dry Cleaners.”

Despite the fear that Amen Corner strikes into its players, Marty Smith still finds beauty in this part of Augusta’s course.

Marty Smith Admires the ‘Fellowship’ He Witnesses at Amen Corner in Augusta

“So, when I had the blessing of coming here, I made it a mission to go to Amen Corner and just have a cold beer,” Smith described during the podcast. “I always carry two beers down there. I drink one for me and one for my daddy every single year. And, so I go down there every year and hang, and man, it is amazing to me. You will hear, every fanbase in the world comes down there.”

As Smith explained, there’s something about that section of the Masters that brings people together from just about every sports fanbase there is. And oftentimes, people want to pick Smith’s brain about his thoughts on their players.

“Brooks Koepka will be teeing off, Tony Finau will be right behind him, or whoever… and they’ll be like, ‘Marty, what do you think about that third-string quarterback. Man, I’m not too sure about him. I’ve seen his release, and it ain’t too good, man,” he continued.

“That’s one thing that’s so great about the Masters is the fellowship.”

Smith Reveals Other Reason He Loves to Be at The Masters

Another major reason why Marty Smith enjoys being at the Masters in Augusta is the fact that you have to unplug yourself from all your devices, whether you want to or not. According to Smith, it helps him reconnect to the experience and the people around him.

“I’ll tell you guys another thing that I love so much about The Masters – you can’t have your phone,” Marty explained on the show.

“There’s something so beautiful, especially in today’s world, about being immersed in an event with your family or your best friends or son, daughter, whomever it is that you’re taking in the tournament with,” he continued. “That you’re not watching it through the lens of your iPhone. You’re actually watching it and creating those beautiful memories in the film strip of your mind. And today, that is so rare that we actually pause and aren’t in this thing (points to iPhone) all the time.”