The Marty Smith Podcast: Marty Talks Buying a Masters Hat for Luke Combs and Augusta National’s Hat Selection

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

This week on The Marty Smith Podcast, the gang talks about Masters weekend and finding a hat for country music star Luke Combs. The life of Marty is always interesting to get a peek into. Whether that’s carpool questions, watching him tour the brewery where his favorite beer is made, or slightly flexing on Travis and Wes.

You know, the guy gets to know about everyone out there. He talks to all of these interesting folks on his show. And, apparently, he texts with arguably one of the three biggest acts in all of country music today.

During the episode, Marty slyly brought up all the people that texted him while he was in Augusta. He went on, “So, one of those friends of mine here’s a flex, total name drop, watch your toes.”

“I get a text from Luke Combs,” he continued. “And Luke’s like, ‘Hey bud, hook your boy up.’ I’m like, ‘What do you want?!’ He goes, ‘Get me a hat.’ I go, ‘There’s a lot of hats, it’s the greatest hat selection in the history of the Masters. Do you want like a trucker hat? Do you want a rope hat? What do you want dude? Traditional, regular old hat?'” Marty explained in a way only he can. “So, he goes, ‘Rope all day.’ So I go, ‘Alright, Travis. We need to get Luke a rope hat.’ So, guess what he picked. He went with the green rope hat. Luke’s going to get a green, Masters tournament, rope hat.”

Speaking of all those hats

As someone whose wife gets mad about hats laying around the house, that video makes me a little twitchy. So many great hats at one of the greatest sporting events out there.

Marty Smith Gets a Hat for Luke Combs and More From the Podcast

It wasn’t all about the country music singer and the great hats that were available at the store. No, the Masters recap was done and all of that. However, Wes, Travis, and Marty are always talking about some random topic du jour. Did y’all see the Waffle House Adidas golf shoes that came out? They have Wes needing them badly.

Did you know the real meaning of the Masters? It’s all about the beauty, the seclusion, and the atmosphere around the entire tournament. Marty had a beautiful story about a scene he saw at the tournament.

Marty, Wes, and Travis share these stories and, of course, the funny stuff like talking about what activities and sports we’re all better at after a couple of beers.