The Marty Smith Podcast: Marty Warns Formula One About Changing Their Format

by Jonathan Howard

Outsiders know that The Marty Smith Podcast does it like no other. Marty and Wes are always talking about something interesting, like Formula One. F1 racing seems to be gaining more and more popularity with each year in America. While it was long seen as a European motorsport, it has become clear that Americans are quickly getting on board.

Of course, when it comes to engines and horsepower, Marty Smith is a fan no matter what. NHRA, NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula One, it doesn’t matter. If it sucks up gasoline and goes fast, Marty and the rest of us at Outsider want to see it.

While F1 has been on the rise, there is something that concerns Marty. He doesn’t want to see one change made, that in his opinion, would be a bad decision. With Monaco in the rearview, of course, the topic came up. Travis was not impressed with the racing in Monaco.

However, as a student of motorsports… Marty knows better than to go changing things just because you’ve got some new eyeballs on the track.

“I go back to when NASCAR moved the Southern 500 from Darlington, SC in favor of Fontana, CA,” Marty said. “They did that in a moment when the sport was exploding and the opportunity to grow and reach and find new fans… overwhelmed the appreciation for history. And it was a terrible decision, and NASCAR will tell you that now. It was not a good decision in the broader scope of what the sport is.

It’s not something that Marty takes lightly. Traditions are traditions, and sometimes they are pointless, but other times they define a sport.

Does Formula One Need Something to Change? Marty Smith Disagrees

So, Travis doesn’t like the racing at Monaco…or Miami for that matter. What’s the deal? Going back to his NASCAR example, Marty went into why Monaco needs to stay just how it is. The beauty, the pomp and circumstance, all of it.

“And the same applies to Monaco and Formula One. It is an institution and it is an institution on Memorial Day weekend. If new fans of Formula One don’t like it – go do a little study. Because again I say this all the time, there are certain events that transcend the sport. Monaco transcends Formula One. It is an institution. Be careful what you wish for man.”

Point blank? Marty Smith says don’t touch Monaco.

Monaco is home to lots of great racing, not just motorsports, but humans on a quarter-mile track as well. I don’t know what it is about the place that makes it so ideal for going fast, but it’s got a reputation. It’s one race, one track. Keep it the same. Sorry, Travis, I’m team Marty on this one.

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