The Marty Smith Podcast: Marty and Wes Talk Difference Between ‘Friday Night Lights’ Book, Movie, and TV Show

by Chase Thomas

It’s a new week, y’all, so you know that means a new episode of The Marty Smith Podcast here at Outsider. On this week’s show, Marty has the privilege of interviewing country music star Ashley McBryde. However, before the interview, Marty and his co-host Wes talk about a multitude of things, including the “Friday Night Lights” book that spawned a movie and a television series.

Marty asks Wes about the book to kick things off. It was written by the legendary journalist and author Buzz Bissinger. Marty tells Wes about a heartwarming story involving his own high school experience. On one fateful Friday night, Marty had his game canceled for a reason he cannot recall today. However, his mom slid him a copy of the book in an attempt to cheer him up and give him something to read for the weekend.

Marty said about the “Friday Night Lights” book, “That was a book on socio-political America is what that was.” Wes then gets into the TV show on NBC that starred Kyle Chandler as Coach Eric Taylor. He gets into why the series never completely took off for the network, for reasons like the writer’s strike in Season 2. They also talk about how true the show and movie were to real life. As Marty points out, there are real Buddy Garrity’s all over the place. The show and movie touched on all sorts of real-life struggles and aspects of life in those areas. It’s timeless, as the guys point out.

Marty Judges A BBQ Contest

Marty also talks to Wes about his weekend at COTA. Indeed, Marty made the trek to COTA to watch the NASCAR race, but he also went to go judge some BBQ briskets with his buddy “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson. Marty tells Wes all about the event and all the great food items he got to enjoy. It was amazing to see how talented all of the contestants were and how much good food was surrounded him.

But Wes reminds Marty that he eats “like a forager.” His diet does consist of a lot of fish, nuts, healthy items, and lean meats. He is not heavy on the BBQ brisket and fixins. However, Wes is different and he told Marty he was getting the “meat sweats” hearing Marty talk about all the delicious food items he got to enjoy on Sunday.

It was a delightful weekend for Marty. He got to see the NASCAR race. Marty also got to judge some mighty fine BBQ briskets with his buddy Willie for Pit Boss. You can listen to The Marty Smith Podcast on Apple, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts.