The Marty Smith Podcast: The Guys Chat About NASCAR Returning to Nashville and Chase Elliott Winning the Ally 400

by Jonathan Howard

The Marty Smith Podcast had a lot to talk about this week. But nothing cooler than NASCAR in Nashville, featuring a little bit of Outsider. Yes, there was an awesome party with Marty and Jay Cutler before the racing weekend. Of course, Outsider was there at the track watching it all go down. But, most importantly, there was a full race in Nashville despite weather delays.

For NASCAR’s most popular driver, Sunday was a good day. Chase Elliott did what you have to do to be successful in the sport. He was patient, steady, and didn’t wear his tires down too hard. With weather delays and other issues surrounding the track, Elliott kept his composure. Marty and Wes broke things down on the podcast. Apparently, they had an omen for how the weekend was going to unfold from the beginning.

“Marty’s arrival kinda predicted the weekend,” Wes said. “There was a weekend of delays on the NASCAR track. And Travis is going to hate to hear this but another Georgia guy is relevant nationally again because Chase won that guitar.”

Wes just can’t help but give props to the Georgia guy. But, Travis is a Chase fan, so, no harm no foul. Elliott hasn’t had an easy season, but the former Cup Series champion is far from an underdog. Marty was more focused on what happened on the track. Because, of course, he was.

“They [Chase’s team] did a good job, they made some adjustments before that last pit stop… Right before the rain. It was the last stop before the deluge. And y’all it was raining sideways. I mean it was crazy. It was … besides the precipitation there was a steady stream of lightning which continued to delay it. Every time there’s a lightning strike within, I think, seven or eight miles of the race track it’s another 30-minute delay. So ultimately Steve O’Donnell [COO of NASCAR] everybody with NASCAR waited it out, and they got that race in.”

You can never count that No. 9 NAPA Auto Parts Chevy out of the race. If he’s got wheels under him, he’s going to be pedal to the metal all the way to the finish.

The Marty Smith Podcast Details Chase Elliott’s Win

Y’all know that The Marty Smith Podcast loves NASCAR. Marty especially. He was enthralled with the action on Sunday. Even though it took about six hours to get the whole thing finished. Still, Marty saw some fun racing on the track and at one point thought the guitar was going to go to another driver.

“And it was really interesting because the way that thing unfolded there were really good cars throughout. When Kyle Busch got the lead, he had a four-second lead or something, I just looked at my friends and I was like ‘That dude is gone. This thing is over buddy. There is no looking back.'” However, that’s not how it would end. “And Chase methodically made his way through. I remember looking at a friend of mine I was watching the race with and I was like, ‘That 9 car is coming, that 9 car is coming.'”

This race was a wild ride. And, this NASCAR season has been one for the books. If you watched the whole thing, through the delays, rain, lightning, and chaos, then you are a certified Outsider.

Watch More NASCAR

Now… here’s a little tip. Watch more NASCAR. Don’t just take it from me, take it from Marty himself. The racing is exciting, the drivers are young and aggressive, and there are some old guys along for the ride to keep them humble as well.

“It’s a very aggressive field right now. There’s probably … ten different guys who could win this championship, depending on how it unfolds maybe more than that. … The NASCAR race at Nashville despite all the obstacles … it was a who’s who, man. It was Country Music USA out there. A lot of celebs showed out. The sport has a ton of momentum. If you guys have not made your way to a NASCAR race recently look… NASCAR is back.”

Don’t just think it’s the same old NASCAR. It isn’t. This is a new and exciting time to be a NASCAR fan.

“So, if you haven’t been to a race. It’s an amazing family experience. Take your kids. Take your kids, go as a family, you’re going to love it. NASCAR is at Watkins Glen on August 21st. Tickets for the full weekend start at $140, and family four-packs are $199. So you can take your entire family to the Watkins Glen International Raceway for 199 bucks, 200 bucks. If you have little ones, kids 12 and under can get in starting at 10 bucks. NASCAR is smart. They want to grow the sport, they want to introduce the sport to younger fans.”

That Watkins Glen race will be awesome. Do you know what else is awesome? Listening to the rest of The Marty Smith Podcast. Hear more takes on the week’s latest news, including NASCAR, and the other random topics that are often discussed throughout.