The Marty Smith Podcast: New Orleans Saints’ Pete Werner Talks Developing Team Chemistry During Summer Minicamp

by Bryan Fyalkowski

New Orleans Saints linebacker Pete Werner joined The Marty Smith Podcast this week and talked about a number of topics. The second-year budding NFL star discussed the importance of the mandatory summer minicamp that the team had in June.

“I was just fortunate to get a few plays in and get the kinks out before I would have the chance in training camp,” Werner explained. “The whole mindset is to develop team chemistry and just get these reps so we’re hitting the ball running during training camp. All the guys seem to have great attitudes and when we go out there we’re having a good time.”

It is a different mindset for Werner, who goes into the 2022 campaign with a full season of NFL experience under his belt. In the summer of 2021 as a rookie, Werner was most focused on learning the playbook and getting comfortable with the Saints’ defensive scheme.

“There’s a lot I still need to learn and I’m going to continue to do that every day,” Werner said around this time last year. “Every day I’m looking more and more at each little assignment. I’m just so busy trying to learn the playbook and be in the right alignment, looking for specific keys and tendencies based off of what I’m getting from the offense. I’ll continue to learn that up until training camp.”

Pete Werner Goes In-Depth on The Marty Smith Podcast

Pete Werner ended up transitioning extremely well from Ohio State to the NFL. He ended up starting eight games for New Orleans in his first professional season. He ranked sixth on the team with 62 total tackles.

Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen has been promoted to head coach this offseason. Meanwhile, assistant coaches Ryan Nielsen and Kris Richard were elevated to co-defensive coordinators. That continuity will do well for Werner and the defense this upcoming year.

In addition, Werner chatted about being a football player in the basketball-crazed state of Indiana.

“Indiana is getting better, more popular in high school football. So it was an honor, kinda coming out there and being one of those guys out of the state to play at Ohio State,” he said. “To be at one of the most prestigious colleges and play in the NFL, that was pretty cool. Now being in the NFL that doesn’t really happen out of Indiana.”

For more than 20 minutes, Pete Werner delved into a number of great topics with co-hosts Marty Smith and Wes Blankenship. The inside perspective made for some incredibly interesting content. As usual, The Marty Smith Podcast is well worth a listen.