The Marty Smith Podcast: Reactions to Bubba Wallace’s Big Win in Kansas and Plenty of College Football Talk

by Chris Haney

Last week, sports fans were blessed with some amazing college football games and an exciting race in the NASCAR Cup Series. In the most recent episode of The Marty Smith Podcast, the guys react to driver Bubba Wallace’s second career win in Kansas. Plus, our co-hosts discuss a wild weekend of college football along with much more on this week’s show.

It’s crunch time in the NASCAR Cup Series as the Round of 16 has one more race before four more drivers are eliminated from contention. The guys dive into the playoff picture and chat about Kevin Harvick’s chances to move on to the Round of 12. Drivers have this weekend’s race at Bristol Motor Speedway to secure their spot and to move on with the rest of the pack.

While Bubba Wallace is already out of the playoffs, he played playoff spoiler on Sunday. Marty goes off on Wallace’s haters who don’t think he’s talented enough to drive in the Cup Series. Once again, the No. 45 driver proved all his doubters wrong by taking the checkered flag at Kansas Speedway.

Next up, Marty and his co-hosts revisit a crazy weekend of NCAA football. Texas might not have won against Alabama, but the Longhorns gave the Crimson Tide everything they had in their 20-19 loss. Georgia Southern surprised Nebraska in Lincoln winning 45-42. That led the Cornhuskers to fire head coach Scott Frost after starting out 1-2 on the season. Additionally, Appalachian State pulled off the upset of the week when they traveled to College Station and beat Texas A&M on their home turf.

Host Marty Smith also shares a hilarious story of trying out some Nashville hot chicken. Let’s just say it didn’t go according to plan. The guys also talk about country stars Morgan Wallen and Larry Fleet’s latest collaboration. We’ve got all of that and much more on the new episode of The Marty Smith Podcast.

Bubba Wallace Silences the Doubters After Taking the Checkered Flag in Kansas

On Sunday afternoon, NASCAR rolled into Kansas City for a vital Round of 16 race. With the playoffs underway, drivers were jockeying to cement their spot in the Round of 12 at the Hollywood Casino 400. But Bubba Wallace took the lead with 70 laps left and never looked back. It was the second victory of Wallace’s career so far, and host Marty Smith couldn’t be happier for the driver and hopes the win shuts up his doubters.

“I’m so proud of him,” the host of The Marty Smith Podcast shared. “I’m so happy for him that he won that race… I’ve spent a lot of time with him and that includes very recently discussing the weight that he carries. And discussing what it is like to feel and know that you have the ability and it’s just not getting done. And to constantly be on alert to make sure that the way you compete validates your position in the sport. You can get to the Cup Series on a whim, you can’t stay in the Cup Series on a whim. You gotta be damn good to stay there. And he has been there a long time.”

Anyone that follows NASCAR knows Bubba Wallace is one of the most criticized drivers in the sport. For host Marty Smith, he’s just thrilled that Wallace is validated after this weekend’s race.

“I’m just so happy for him that he went to Victory Lane,” Smith added on the podcast. “And has the opportunity to hold his head up really high. All of those people who are so critical who don’t believe that he belongs in the sport, who feel like he shouldn’t be there, they can go shut the hell up.”

The Guys Discuss a Wild Weekend of College Football on ‘The Marty Smith Podcast’

As the conversation continued on The Marty Smith Podcast, the guys shifted from talking NASCAR to college football. Anyone who didn’t tune in this weekend missed out on several shocking results across the NCAA. To start out, the guys chatted about Alabama’s visit to Austin to take on the Texas Longhorns.

No one gave Texas a shot against Bama, but they came out fired up. Even with starting QB Quinn Ewers suffering an injury mid-game, the Longhorns came within a field goal of winning the game. They couldn’t quite pull it out in the end. But the guys think head coach Steve Sarkisian has the program going in the right direction… finally.

“I want Texas to be really good,” Marty said of UT. “It’s great for college football when that brand is one of the elite competitive groups.”

Of course, our co-hosts had to get to the upset of the week – Appalachian State taking down Texas A&M. From the beginning of the game, the Mountaineers stuck it to the Aggies. One of the best home field advantages in college football was completely negated by App State. In fact, they dominated possession as the North Carolina university had the football for 41 minutes of the matchup.

“I’m just happy for [head] coach [Shawn] Clark,” Marty Smith said. “I’ve done a lot of App [State] games on the sidelines. I’ve spent a lot of time, I’ve gotten to know him really well. It’s interesting, he said before that App State is like Alabama when it comes to the expectations from the fanbase. The Appalachian State fanbase expects for you to win 10 games a year and compete for championships. There’s a lot of pressure that comes with that. For him to be able to go down there and get this victory is I know a huge, huge moment for him. And again, I can’t wait to chat with him here midweek when I head up to Boone, [North Carolina] to do the feature [on the Mountaineers football team].”

The guys talk about Nebraska firing their head coach after a slow start to the season as well. They also chat about who the Cornhuskers might be targeting to take over the open position. We’ve got that and so much more on the newest episode of The Marty Smith Podcast. Make sure to check out the entire podcast in the link below, or listen to their full conversation on Spotify, Apple, or wherever else you listen to your favorite podcasts.