The Marty Smith Podcast: Super Bowl Champion Devin White Opens Up About His Well-Known Love for Horses

by Chris Haney

We’re back this week with another great episode of The Marty Smith Podcast, and we’ve got Super Bowl champion linebacker from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Devin White, joining the show. With the 2022 NFL season almost upon us, White talks plenty of football on the podcast. But he also opens up about his greatest passion off of the gridiron as well – horses.

NFL fans may remember seeing Devin White celebrate the Bucs’ Super Bowl LV victory in a unique way in February 2021. We’re assuming it’s the only time the Lombardi Trophy has ever been lifted while a player is on a horse. It might also be the only time a player has done a victory lap inside of Raymond James Stadium while on horseback.

In fact, White wrote on Twitter before SBLV that, “If we get the W, I don’t care what they say, I’m pulling the horse out and I’m gonna hold the Lombardi Trophy and I’m gonna ride around.” Additionally, after the huge win, Bucs GM Jason Licht gave him the green light tweeting, “You earned it, cowboy! Giddy up!!!” White’s dream had come true.

As a kid from Cotton Valley, Louisiana, White could’ve never imagined he’d be riding around an NFL stadium with a Super Bowl trophy in-hand years later. Growing up in a small town of around 1,000 people though, he knew horses would be part of his life. They’re a part of everyone’s life in Cotton Valley. So it was only natural for him to take to riding and eventually own horses of his own. Host Marty Smith wanted to know more about his passion and asked White about how he got into horses.

“It’s crazy. There’s horses everywhere [in Cotton Valley]. They’re on every side of town,” White shared on The Marty Smith Podcast. “It just lets you know that’s what we do. Horses is like the number one hobby from where I’m from. We don’t have a bowling alley, don’t have a movie theater, we don’t have a skating rink in our town. We don’t even have a recreation center in our town, so it’s like what else can we do? I think horses became big and that’s kinda one of the reasons why.”

Devin White Now Owns Around 30 Horses He Shared on ‘The Marty Smith Podcast’

As Marty Smith’s conversation with All-Pro linebacker Devin White continued, the 24-year-old shared more about his hometown. The town embraces horses as part of their community. As White mentioned, people that live in the area ride horses around all over town as a form of transportation.

The thought takes your mind back to days of old when Americans rode on horseback or in horse-drawn carriages and buggies instead of cars. That era is long gone, but it’s still somewhat alive in the tiny Louisiana town. It’s just part of everyday life for locals in Cotton Valley.

“You can ride throughout the whole town and nobody says nothing,” White explained of his hometown. “Cars actually respect you on horseback up in my town. It’s just something everybody grew to love. I got a 2-year-old son and that’s all he wants to do is go to the stables.”

Devin White’s NFL career has afforded him the luxury of owning a beautiful horse farm he never thought was possible. His lifelong love for riding that began at just five years old blossomed into what he named Get Live Stables. Today, the famous linebacker owns “probably 30” horses he told host Marty Smith. While Devin White still has many years left on the football, his steeds are a constant. His horses have been a huge part of his life since he was a child, as they are now. And they’ll continue to be after he retires from football.

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